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June 14, 2019



In 64, ‘You Really Got Me’, (the first of 18 hits on Pye).

for The Kinks, flew straight to No.1

Followed by ‘All Day And All Of The Night’,

with a No.2 place, won.


In 65, five more hits came along – the next again

at No.1 was, ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’,

before ‘Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy’ peaked at No.17,

with ‘Set Me Free’, a No.9, and ‘See My Friend’ – a Top 10, on view.


Ending 65, ‘Till The End Of The Day’, made No.8,

And in 66, ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’, at No.4, did arrive.

Next came ‘Sunny Afternoon’ – their third No.1,

And ‘Dead End Street’, peaked at No.5.


In 67, ‘Waterloo Sunset’, reached No. 2.,

and also ‘Autumn Almanac’ – a predictable Top 3.

In 68, ‘Wonderboy’, was at No.36,

and ‘Days’, made a  No.12  plea.


In 69, ‘Plastic Man’, climbed to No.31.

And in 70, ‘Victoria’, peaked at No.33.

Also in 70, ‘Lola’, reached No.2,

and ‘Apeman’  – a Top 5, was to be.


In 72, ‘Supersonic Rocket Ship’, on RCA – shot to No.16.

And in 81, ‘Better Things’, on Arista, made No. 46.

In 83, ‘Come Dancing’, also on Arista, at No.12

and, ‘Don’t Forget To Dance’, on Arista – a No.58 fix.


Finally, in 83, ‘You Really Got Me’, on PRT, made No.47.

And in 97, ‘The Days EP’, on When!, peaked at No.35.

In 04, ‘You Really Got Me’, this time on Sanctuary, at No. 42,

and in this Kinks Tribute – the last to arrive.



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