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April 10, 2018



‘I Can’t Help Myself’ hit the charts in 65,

followed by ‘It’s The Same Old Song’.

In 66 ‘Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever’ arrived,

and ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’, a No.1 song.


‘Standing In The Shadows Of Love’ came in 67  –

one of 5 hits – the next being ‘Bernadette’.

And ‘Seven Rooms Of Gloom’ followed on,

but this year wasn’t finished yet.


The Four Tops then gave us 

‘You Keep Running Away’

and everyone’s favourite, ‘making the Top 3,  

was ‘Walk Away Renee’.


In 68, If I Were A Carpenter’ made No.7 ,

and ‘Yesterday’s Dream’s’  followed on.

‘I’m In A Different World’, their last hit of this year,

proving this Group second to none..


In 69 came two Top Twenty hits –

‘What Is A Man’ and ‘Do What You Gotta Do’.

‘I Can’t Help Myself’, their first Top Ten of 70,

and also ‘It’s All In the Game’ – a song we loved too.


Their final  hit of 70 –  ‘Still Water (Love)’ ,

also peaked at No.10,

and ‘Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)’

the first hit of 71,  for these Motown Men.


Next, with The Supremes, came ‘River Deep Mountain High’.

followed at No.3 by ‘Simple Game’. 

Then, ‘You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart’ –

again with The Supremes, making the the Top 30 frame.


In 72, Bernadette re-appeared,  then,

‘Walk With Me Talk With Me Darling’, at No 32,

and lastly ‘ Keeper Of The Castle’,

at No. 18, appeared into view.


In 73, ‘Sweet Understanding Love’ – a Top 30 –

their 2nd hit on the Probe Label,

before switching to Casablanca in 81,

which brought two Top 20 hits to the table.


The first being  ‘When She Was My Girl’,

which reached up to No.3,

followed by  ‘Don’t Walk Away’,

which also filled fans with glee.


‘Tonight I’m Gonna Love You All Over’ –

their next hit, making 43,

and ‘Back To School Again’ –

their last hit of 82, proved to be.


In 88, on Motown, ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’

was back in the charts at No. 11.

‘Indestructible’ with Smokey Robinson came next,

and ‘Loco In Acapulco’  hit No. 7.


In 89, Indestructible, featuring Smokey Robinson,

at No.30, re-appeared in the charts,

being the last UK hit for  The Four Tops –

A Motown Group, forever in our hearts.




Levi Stubbs   2008

Renaldo Benson   2005

Lawrence Payton   1997





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