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May 7, 2018



In 58, ‘Move It’ and ‘High Class Baby’

were the first two Top 10’s to come along

for Cliff Richard & The Drifters,

and in 59, Livin’ Lovin’ Doll – another hit, so strong.


Then ‘Mean Streak’ – also in 59,

making No.10, followed on,

before ‘Living Doll’ appeared,

easily reaching No.1


Cliff, now with The Shadows,

had his second No.1 – ‘Travelling Light’,

and ending the decade at No.16

with a song called ‘Dynamite’.


‘Expresso Bongo EP’ came in 60,

and ‘A Voice In The Wilderness’ reached No.2.

Also at No.2 was  ‘Fall In Love With You,

before ‘Please Don’t Tease’, took a No.1 pew.


Still in 60, ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’,

at No.3, his fifth hit of this year, so far.

And closing the year was  ‘I Love You’,

which made No.1,  for this well beloved star.


In 61, ‘Theme For A Dream’ peaked at No.3

and ‘Gee Whiz It’s You’  made No.4 in the chart.

Then, ‘A Girl Like You’, also a No.3 hit,  as was –

‘When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart.


In 62, Cliff Richard & The Shadows

next took ‘The Young Ones’ to No.1

and ‘I’m Looking Out The Window’ & ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ –

at No.2,  a double ‘A’ sided single, came into view.


The next release, ‘It’ll be me’, also made No.2,

followed by another double ‘A’ sided Number One joy.

Always a favourite amongst loyal fans being –

‘The Next Time’ & ‘Bachelor Boy’.


63 followed on, with yet another No.1,

when ‘Summer Holiday’ had fans moving their hips,

along with the next hit at No.4 –

the unforgettable  ‘Lucky Lips’.


Still in 63, – ‘It’s All In The Game’

peaked at No’ 2 in the chart,

before ‘Don’t Talk To Him’, also No.2 –

yet another hit, fans took to their heart.


Reaching No.8 in 64, was –

‘I’m The Lonely One’.

And  ‘Constantly’ and ‘On The Beach’ –

two more Top Ten hits, to follow on.


At  No.8 came ‘The Twelfth Of Never’ –

the penultimate 64 fix –

before ending the year with  ‘I Could Easily Fall’

which peaked at No.6.


In 65, ‘The Minute You’re Gone’ – a No.1,

and finding No.12, next came  ‘On My Word’.

‘Wind Me Up (Let’ Me Go)’ reaching No.2

and in 66, Blue Turns To Grey’, was heard.


‘Visions’ and ‘Time Drags By’ and ‘In The Country’ –

3 more 66 Top Ten hits to delight.

and in 67, ‘It’s All Over’,  at No.9,

and ‘The Day I Met Marie’ – to No.10, took flight.


Reaching No.6 with his last hit of 67 –

Cliff gave fans ‘All Of My Love’,

before starting 68 with a flourish

when ‘Congratulations’  forced a No.1 shove.


‘Good Times (Better Times) arrived in 69,

followed at No.8 by  ‘Big Ship’.

And next, with Hank Marvin, came ‘Throw Down A Line’,

‘With The Eyes Of A Child’, in this Top 20 trip.


Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha,

climbed up to No.6 in 70,

with ‘Sunny Honey Girl’ –  in 71

making a No.19 entry.


‘Sing A Song Of Freedom’ –

also a hit of 71, climbing to No. 13,

and at No 12 ‘Living In Harmony’, in 72,

was Cliff’s last hit on Columbia seen. 


‘Power To All Our Friends’

reached No.4 in 73,  on EMI.

In 74 came ‘(You Keep Me) Hangin On’,

and in 76, ‘Miss You Nights’ made every fan sigh.


‘Devil Woman’ came next, also in 76 –

still with EMI, making No.9.

‘I Can’t Ask For Any More Than You’,

another hit that fans thought divine.


‘My Kinda Life’ peaked at No.15,  in 77,

with ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, a No.1 of 79,

and in 80, ‘Carrie’ headed for No.4 –

3 more favourites, fans thought just fine.


‘Dreamin’ on EMI, made No.8 in 80,

and then ‘Suddenly’ on Jet, with Olivia Newton John.

Then back with EMI, making No.15 in 81 –

‘A Little In Love’ followed on.


‘Wired For Sound’ at No.4, came next,

and then ‘Daddy’s Home’ – a gold seller, at No.2.

The first hit of 82 being ‘The Only Way Out’

followed by ‘Little Town’ at No.11 in the queue.


In 83, ‘She Means Nothing To Me’,

on Capitol, with Phil Everly, made No.9,

and back on EMI came ‘True Love Ways’,

with The London Philharmonic Orchestra – so fine.


‘Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More),

and ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love’, ended 83,

and ‘She’s So Beautiful’ – a Top 20 of 85,

filling Cliff’s followers with glee.


With The Young Ones featuring Hank B Marvin

‘Living Doll’ – a No.1 of 86.

This gold selling hit on the WEA label,

giving a variety of fans their fix.


With Sarah Brightman on the Polydor label,

making No.3, came ‘All I Ask Of You’ –

this single always sure to melt hearts,

with a sound so pure and so true.


Then back on EMI, in 87 came along –

‘My Pretty One’ at No.6,  and ‘Some People’ at No.3

and ‘Cliff’s gold selling hit of 88 –

‘Mistletoe and Wine, a No 1 – sure had to be. 


In 89, at No.2 was ‘The Best Of Me’,

and ‘I Just Don’t Have The Heart’  at No.3.

Then at No.17, came ‘Lean On You’,

but this decade still wasn’t through!


On Polydor, Van Morrison with Cliff Richard,

gave us ‘Whenever God Shines His Light’,

and starting the 90’s  back on EMI,

‘Stronger Than That’ and ‘Silhouettes’ came into sight.


Then, ‘From A Distance’ reached No.11,

with ‘Saviours Day’ making the No.1 slot.

‘We Should Be Together’ – the last hit of 91,

and in 92 ‘I Still Believe In You’  held the No.7 spot.


‘Peace In Our Time’ reached No.8 in 93,

and ‘Healing Love’ – a No.19 claim.

In 94, ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ & ‘Miss You Nights’,

with Phil Everly & Cliff Richard, in the Top 20 frame.


‘Misunderstood Man’- at No.19 in 95,

and in 98, ‘Can’t Keep This Feeling In’  at No.10

And ‘The Millennium Prayer’ on the Papillon label,

in 99, gave Cliff another No.1 again.


‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ & ‘What A Wonderful World’-

( a double ‘A’ side, again on the Papillon label),

reached No.11,  in December 01.

bringing yet more success to the table.


In 03, at No.5 came ‘Santa’s List’ –

once more back on EMI.

Then next on Decca – ‘Somethin Is Going On’

in 04, at No.9, for this hit-making guy.


Two more hits on Decca came in 04 and 05 –

when ‘I Cannot Give You My Love’  & ‘What Car’ arrived.

and in 06, back on EMI, at No.2 –

’21st Century Christmas’ & ‘Move It’  also thrived. 


The last song in my tribute to this Legend –

coming in 08 and reaching No.3 –

is ‘Thank You For A Lifetime’ – so apt –

Sir Cliff Richard – you are top of the tree.  


Written by Harriet Blackbury


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