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February 28, 2016



Reaching No.14 in 80 Whitney Houston,

gave us a hit easy to recall.

Her wonderful song of past love –

‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’.


Randy Crawford of Crusaders fame

sang of unforgettable love too.

When ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, also in 80,

flew up to Number 2.


A singer to melt our hearts,

Adele came back with a glow.

Her instant No.1 of 2016 breaking records,

with the very first note of ‘Hello’.


Another love song to hit the top spot,

in 90 came from Sinead O’Connor.

With ‘Nothing Compares To You’,

she deserved all the praise put upon her.


‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ in 77,

one of many songs about love gone wrong,

and another No.1 from Abba,

with meaning, powerful and strong.


Roxy Music at No.2 in 75

proved that ‘Love Is The Drug’, so fine,

and they weren’t out of reach or out of touch,

by making No2 with ‘Dance Away’ in 79.


This next moving love song showed,

when it came to passion, who was the boss.

Reaching No.9 in 73 was

‘Touch Me In The Morning’ by Diana Ross.


This heartfelt song of 96

from Celine Dion, showing us how,

love lingers on, long after it’s over,

with ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’.


No wonder this No.1 of 04,

saw many download repeats.

So current and refreshing was,

‘Dry Your Eyes’ by The Streets.


‘Stay Together’ in 94,

at No. 3 in the charts displayed.

This group with a loyal following

of course, could only be Suede.


‘I Wanna Stay With You’ sang Gallagher & Lyle,

and ‘Breakaway’ too in 76,

and also in this year their ‘Heart On My Sleeve’

winds up Part One of this loved-up mix.












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