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July 5, 2019




In 81, ‘Ceremony’, on Factory,

for New Order, reached No.34.

And still in 81, ‘Procession’/’Everything’s Gone Green’ –

at No.38 – their second hit, through the factory door.


In 82, ‘Temptation’, peaked at No.29,

and in 83, ‘Blue Monday’ – twice a hit, at No.12 & No.9.

And finally in 83, came ‘Confusion’, at No.12 –

all these hits still carrying the Factory sign.


In 84, ‘Thieves Like Us’, reached No.18,

And in 85, peaking at No.46, was ‘The Perfect Kiss’.

Ending 85 – still on Factory’  -‘Sub-Culture’, made No.63,

and opening 86 – ‘Shellshock’, at No.28 – next on this list.


Three more chart entries followed in 86,

with ‘State Of The Nation’, in the Top 30 mix.

And at No.54, ‘The Peel Sessions (1st June 82)’, on Strange Fruit,

and back on Factory – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, made No.56.


In 87, ‘True Faith’, reached No.4,

and at No.20, was, ‘Touched By The Hand Of God’.

In 88, Blue Monday (Remix)’, made the Top 3,

And ‘Fine Time’, got the No.11 nod.


In 89, ‘Round And Round’, made No.21,

and ‘Run 2’, also on Factory – a No.49 slot, won.

And in 90, ‘World In Motion’, on Factory/MCA,

for EnglandNewOrder – a gold-selling No.1.


In 93, ‘Regret’, a No.4, on Centredate,

and ‘Ruined In A Day’, peaked at No.22.

And still on Centredate, ‘World (The Price Of Love) – made No.13,

and ‘Spooky’, also enjoyed a No.22 view.


In 94,’True Faith (Remix), reached No.9.

And in 95, ‘Nineteen 63’ – now on London – rose to No.21.

Also in 95, ‘Blue Monday (2nd Remix), returned at No.17.

And in 01, still on London, ‘Crystal’, at No.8, shone.


Ending 01, ’60 Miles An Hour’, reached No.29,

and in 02, ‘Here To Stay’, peaked at No.15.

And still in 02, on London, ‘World In Motion’,

for EnglandNewOrder – at No.43, was seen.


Ending 02, ‘Confusion’, on the Whacked label,

for Arthur Baker VS New Order, made No.64.

And in 05, ‘Krafty’, on London, reached No.8,

and ‘Jetstream’, featuring Ana Mantronic, made a Top 20 score.


Finally, in 05, ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’,

on London, reached No.21.

And in 06, ‘Blue Monday’, on New State,

peaked at No.73 – with an army of fans, rightly won.



Written by Harriet Blackbury





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