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December 24, 2018


In 67, Alfred Wood known as Brenton Wood

had a No.8 on Liberty with ‘Gimme Little Sign’.

In 70, Cecil Thomas known as Nicky Thomas

took ‘Love Of The Common People’, on Trogan, to No.9 .


Ray Burns, known as Captain Sensible,

in 82, saw ‘Happy Talk’, on A & M, up to No.1, fly.

Charlene Keys, known as Tweet, in 02

had a Top 5 on Elektra with ‘Oops (Oh My)’.


Arthur Kelm , known as Tab Hunter,

in 57, on London, with ‘Young Love’ – a No.1 in the US & UK.

Rita Wright, known as Syreeta, on Tamla Motown, in 75, at No.12

with ‘Your Kiss Is Sweet’, after ‘Spinnin and Spinnin’ paved the way.


Chaim Topol, known as Topol, in 67,

on CBS took ‘If I Were A Rich Man’ to No.9.

Sarah Jiminez – Heany, known as S-j,

in 98, on React, had a Top 30 with ‘I Feel Divine’.


John Osbourne, known as Ozzy Osbourne,

in 86, on Epic, took ‘Shot In The Dark’ to No.20.

William Fries, known as CW McCall,

in 76, on MCM, with ‘Convoy’, had a No.2 entry.


Antione Domino, known as Fats Domino, in 59,

on London, made No.11 with ‘Be My Guest’. 

Alfred Hill, known as Benny Hill, in 71,

at No.1 with ‘Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)’.


Kevin Rowe, known as Duke Baysee,

in 94, had a Top 30 with ‘Sugar Sugar’ on Bell.

Kristine Weitz, known as Kristine W, on Champion, in 94 & 97,

had ‘Feel What You Want’ – both times Top 40’s, doing well.


Maria Fernandez – Vidal, known as Maria Vidal,

in 85, on EMI, took ‘Body Rock’ to No.11.

Elaine Bickerstaff, known as Elaine Page,

in 81, on Polydor, took ‘Memory’ to a No.6 heaven.


Owen Paul McGee, known as Owen Paul,

in 86, on Epic, with ‘My Favourite Waste Of Time’, was at No.3.

Patricia Daniels, known as Adeva, in 92,

on Cooltempo, at No.45, with ‘Until You Come Back To Me’.


Roberta Streeter, known as Bobbie Gentry, in 69,

on Capitol, had ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’, at No.1.

Alan Palmer, known as Robert Palmer, in 86,

an Island, had a Top 10 with ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’.


Sinitta Malone, known as Sinitta, on Fanfare,

in 88, reached No.6 with ‘Cross My Broken Heart’.

Sybil Lynch, known as Sybil, on Champion, in 89,

with ‘Don’t Make Me Over’ – twice a hit at 59 & 19, in the UK chart.


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