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April 4, 2015



Dear Elvis left us Gracelands;

his private home, to tour.

And for his loyalist fans,

music from his heart, so pure.


And Freddie proved his point,

that the show must go on,

when he left us all the anthem,

that forever will be number one.


Michael too, the complete package,

lived and breathed his art.

The master of perfection;

his passing broke our heart.


And Witney with the gift;

the greatest love, and voice, of all,

taught us how to love ourselves,

before her curtain call.


Whilst earlier, Billie and Janis,

and also Tammi Terrell,

all too late had come to realise,

with high’s, came low’s as well.


And Marvin, oh god, Marvin;

the undisputed king of soul,

shot from his troubled world,

after life took on it’s toll.


And Otis, just like Buddy,

at the height of their fame fell;

both losing life the same way;

the pain too sad to tell.


And Jim with all the songs

that our Granny always hums,

also headed ever closer

to those, not so distant drums.


And John’s sudden departure,

sent us into a trance,

when all he ever pleaded,

was we give peace a chance.


Then lovely George, through illness,

played his final chord,

when he departed early,

to visit his sweet lord.


And Amy, our new sweetheart;

we thought on her way back,

but the angels knew far better,

and took her back to black.


So many more were taken,

so many, I could name;

it comes with liabilities,

this fickle game of fame.


So many idols lost;

sudden death hard to digest.

Their music, their legacy;

our gain, at their bequest.


Written by  Harriet Blackbury.


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