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May 7, 2015



Billy was only,

halfway to paradise,

when he left us broken hearted,

and made the final sacrifice.


and Dusty; other artists,

always outsold,

left a catalogue of music,

with hits of pure gold.


Robert Palmer, the coolest:

Sheffield’s king of smooth.

Effortlessly crooning;

our troubled minds to sooth.


and Adam, the one;

another hit machine guy,

with whom we kept faith,

until his untimely goodbye.


The exodus of Bob Marley

had us wailing all day,

and three little birds also,

had so much things to say.


‘Twenty four hours from Tulsa’

sang this storyteller singer:

Gene’s gentle, moving words,

in our hearts still linger.


and taken so young,

suddenly Mark was gone,

off into the clouds

to ride his white swan.


and Roy Orbison sang,

for only the lonely, too,

before leaving on a journey

back to his Blue Bayou.


Paul from Cockney Rebel,

in the cruellest way left:

when a twist of fate took him,

leaving fans bereft.


Phil fulfilled his dreams,

to become a pop star.

His loyal fans still toast him,

with whisky in a jar


The wind cried Mary,

and he had to go;

our great guitarist, Jimi,

who we all loved so.


and not just in Massachusetts

did the lights all go out,

when Robin joined his brothers,

leaving us sad beyond doubt.


Most recently, Ben E King

drifted off to sleep.

Under the boardwalks of our mind,

his memory, we will keep.


Our love affair with Errol

started with a kiss.

His smooth, seductive voice,

we sure are going to miss.


So many more were taken,

So many, I could name;

It comes with liabilities,

this fickle game of fame.


So many idols lost;

sudden death hard to digest.

Their music, their legacy;

our gain at their bequest.


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