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April 25, 2016



‘Something in the air’ surely happened,

when Thunderclap Newman, our hearts won.

Now Andy Newman re-united with Keene & McCulloch,

the band members can once more, rock on.


Maurice White, a founder member of Earth, Wind & Fire –

recently lost his life too.

Hits like ‘Boogie Wonderland’ and ‘After the love has gone’

ensuring we will never forget you.


Another shock, was the loss of Terry Wogan –

not known as a songbird, but still took a chance.

when in 78, this well-loved Presenter

had a hit with the song ‘Floral Dance’.


Sadly, we now mourn the loss of Glenn Frey:

The Eagles, everyone’s favourite, I must say –

‘One of These Nights’ and ‘Lying Eyes’,

early hits to set them on their way.


Glenn Frey always the driving force –

‘Hotel California’ still as relevant today.

And later he ruled the day with –

‘The Heat Is On’, when he broke away.


Keith Emerson, formerly part of Nice,

and as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, the next plan,

paid off when they gave the world  

‘Fanfare For The Common Man’  


One of the greatest artists ever to perform;

this Minneapolis native, now takes a bow.

Prince Rogers Nelson, with so many hits to his name,

from ‘Little Red Corvette’ to ‘Betcha By Golly Wow’


His breakthrough hit ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’

was followed by ‘1999’.

And ‘When Doves Cry’ and ‘Purple Rain’ arrived,

respect at it’s height for his sound, so divine.


Our home-grown talent & darling, Victoria Wood,

could also knock out a tune or two.

Your words to ‘The Ballard of Barry and Freda’     

will forever bring a smile to our lips, just for you.


The ‘Golden Years’ of David Bowie;

his legacy, second to none.

A ‘Starman of ‘Sound and Vision’.

‘Day In – Day Out’, his music lives on.


‘Only The Strong Survive’ in this Industry,

and God Bless Billy Paul, for such memorable tones.

His all-time classic – the anthem of all lovers:

I could only possibly mean – ‘Me And Mrs Jones.


This latest list just wouldn’t be complete,

without Sir George Martin, of fifth Beatle fame.

This much loved Record Producer renown,

was always at the top of his game.


So many more were taken.

So many, I could name;

It comes with liabilities,

this fickle game of fame.


So many idols lost;

sudden death hard to digest.

Their music, their legacy;

our gain at their bequest.   


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