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January 27, 2020



In 92, ‘To Be With You’, on Atlantic,

for America’s Mr Big, a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And in 97, ‘Coco Jamboo’ reached No.8,

for Mr President, on WEA.


In 90, ‘Get Busy’, on Jive,

reached No.41, for Mr.Lee.

And in 94, ‘Give Me Life’, on Cheeky,

a Top 40, for Mr.V.


In 86, ‘Kyrie’, a US No.1 & UK No.11,

for Mr.Mister, on RCA.

And in 92, ‘Closer’, a Top 50,

for Mr Fingers, on MCA.


In 93, ‘Mr Blobby’, on Destiny Music –

a platinum seller, gave Mr. Blobby a No.1 quest.

And in 09, ‘Supernova’, on Good Music – a Top 2,

for Mr Hudson & Kanye West.


In 85, ‘Broken Wings’, on RCA,

for Mr. Mister, a US No.1 & UK Top 4 track.

And in 97, Wiggly World’, on Xtravaganza,

reached No.32, for Mr. Jack.


In 95, ‘Saved’, on Fresh label,

gave Mr. Roy, a No.24 position

And in 99, ‘Flat Beat’, on F Communications/PIAS Recordings ,

for Mr. OIZO – a No.1 mission.


In 70, ‘Groovin With Mr Bloe’,

on DJM, a Top 2 for Mr Bloe.

And in 77, UK’s Mr Big, on EMI –

had a Top 4, with ‘Romeo’.


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