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April 12, 2019




In 64, ‘Shout’ on Decca,

for Lulu & The Luvvers, was a No.7 hit.

Also in 64, ‘Here Comes The Night’, on Decca,

at No.50, did sit.


In 65, ‘Leave A Little Love’, on Decca,

for Lulu, at No.8, did arrive.

And also in 65, ‘Try To Understand’,

her last hit on Decca, reached No.25.


In 67, ‘The Boat That I Row’, on Columbia,

sailed up to No.6.

And also in 67, ‘Let’s Pretend’, on Columbia,

made a No.11 fix.


Ending 67, ‘Love Loves To Love Love’,

on Columbia, reached No.32.

And in 68, ‘Me The Peaceful Heart’,

on Columbia, enjoyed a No.9 view.


Still in 68, ‘Boy’, on Columbia,

peaked at No.15.

And ending 68, ‘I’m A Tiger’,

on Columbia, at No.9, seen.


In 69, ‘Boom Bang-A-Bang’, Lulu’s last hit on Columbia,

climbed up to No.2.

And also in 69, ‘Oh Me Oh My (I’m A Fool For You Baby)’,

this time on Atco, made No.47, in the chart queue.


In 74, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’,

on Polydor, reached No.3.

And in 75, ‘Take Your Mama For A Ride’,

on Chelsea label, at No.37, was to be.


In 81, ‘I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)’,

on Alfa, peaked at No.62.

And in 86, ‘Shout’, now on Jive,

for Lulu & The Luvvers, took a No.8 pew.


In 93, ‘Independence’, on Dome,

found Lulu at No.11.

And in 93, ‘I’m Back For More’, still on Dome,

for Lulu & Bobby Womack, was at No.27.


In 93, ‘Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms’, on Dome,

peaked at No.51.

Also in 93, ‘Relight My Fire’, on RCA,

for ‘Take That featuring Lulu, at No.1 shone.


Ending 93, ‘How ‘Bout Us’, on Dome,

reached No.46.

And in 94, ‘Goodbye Baby And Amen’, on Dome –

a Top 40, next in this mix.


Ending 94, ‘Every Woman Knows’, on Dome,

peaked at No.44.

And in 99, ‘Hurt So Bad’, on Rocket/Mercury,

gained a No.42 score.


In 2000, ‘Where The Poor Boys Dance’, on Mercury,

made No.24 in the charts.

And in 02, ‘We’ve Got Tonight’, on Polydor,

for Ronan Keating & Lulu, a Top 4, winning hearts.



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