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September 19, 2016




In 60,  with ‘La Mer (Beyond The Sea)’ –

Bobby Darin fans couldn’t ask for more.

And ‘La Donna E Mobile’ by The Three Tenors,

a firm favourite of 94.


In 87, ‘La Isla Bonita’

gave Madonna her fourth No.1,

And ‘Return Of The Los Palmas Seven’

found Madness in the charts of 81


In 82, much loved Julio Iglesias

had a Top Forty  hit with ‘Amor’,

and ‘Around The World’ by East 17,

reached No. 3  in 94


Cliff Richard And The Shadows at No.1,

in 59, with ‘Travelling Light’,

and ‘Trains And Boats And Planes’ in 65

by Burt Bacharach, came into sight.


In 82,  with ‘Las Palabras De Mar’,

Queen gave us this No.17 chart entry,

And in 97, Puff Daddy And The Family, took

‘Been Around The World’ into the Top 20.


1956 found Cyril Stapleton,

in the Top 20 with ‘The Italian Theme’

and ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’,

in 2000, gave Morcheeba their dream.


In 90, with his ‘Nessun Dorma’,

Luciano Pavarotti came in at No.2,

And in 2003, ‘Train On The Track’,

gave Kelly Rowland, a chart hit too.


‘Arrivederci Darling’ sang Anne Shelton,

in the charts of 1955,

and the following year, Edna Savage,

with this same song, did also arrive.


From Uk/Italian vocal group – Rococo,

in 89, came ‘Italo House Mix’

and in 2002,  by The Pet Shop Boys was

‘Home And Dry’ – to close this Latin fix.


A journey is always worth the effort,

as ‘Travel’ broadens the mind,

by creating timeless memories,

of a very special kind.


So pack a suitcase with excitement,

and let your feet pick up pace,

as the warmth of people embrace you –

for this world is a wonderful place.


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