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February 17, 2019



In 79, on Vertigo, reaching No.8,

Dire Straits hit the charts with ‘Sultans Of Swing’.

Also in 79, ‘Lady Writer’ made No.51,

and in 81, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – a second No.8, did bring.


‘Skateaway’ followed, still on Vertigo, at No.37,

and ‘Tunnel Of Love’ came next, peaking at No.54.

In 82, ‘Private Investigations’ ┬árose to No.2,

and in 83, ‘Twisting By The Pool’ gained a No.14 score.


In 84, ‘Love Over Gold (Live)’/’Solid Rock (Live)’, hit No.50.

and in 85, ‘So Far Away’ – a Top 20 seen.

Also in 85, ‘Money For Nothing’, a UK Top 4 and US No.1,

and ‘Brothers In Arms’, still on Vertigo, was at No.16.


In 86, ‘Walk Of Life’ reached the Top 2,

and ‘Your Latest Trick’, reached No.26.

In 88, ‘Sultans Of Swing’, charted again, at No.62,

and in 91, ‘Calling Elvis’ at No.21, next in this mix.


Ending 91, ‘Heavy Fuel’, in the charts at No.55,

and in 92, ‘On Every Street’ at No.42.

Also in 92, ‘The Bug’, still on Vertigo, at No.62,

and in 93, ‘Encores EP’ at No.31, with much acclaim due.




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