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January 18, 2016



From ‘Space Oddity’ in 69,

( and it’s re-issue in 75 at No1.)

to ‘John I’m Only Dancing (again)’,

this decade of work from Bowie shone.


He brought us ‘The Jean Genie’,

followed by ‘Drive-In Saturday’.

‘Life On Mars’, ‘The Laughing Gnome’ and ‘Sorrow’,

saw his originality here to stay !


In 74 came ‘Rebel Rebel’,

and ‘Rock and Roll Suicide’

and with ‘Diamond Dogs’ and ‘Knock on Wood’,

he had us all on side.


‘Young Americans’ and ‘Fame’,

his first hits of 75.

And with ‘Space Oddity’ finally No.1,

‘Golden Years’, kept us alive.


Then followed ‘TVC’ in 76,

and in 77 ‘Sound and Vision’ made No.3.

‘Heroes’ the final hit of this year,

but by now, Bowie a hero to you and me.


‘Beauty And The Beast’ then followed,

along with ‘Breaking Glass’.

And ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ and ‘DJ’.

were yet more hits to prove his class.


In 80 came ‘Alabama Song’,

And then ‘Ashes To Ashes’ made No.1.

‘Fashion’ also reaching No5,

proving David Bowie still shone.


By now, the King of originality,

he gave us ‘Scary Monsters (and Super-Creeps)’

and ‘Up The Hill Backwards’, and ‘Wild Is The Wind’,

No wonder today –  the world weeps!


And then once more proving his diversity,

came the gift of ‘Peace on Earth – Little Drummer Boy’,

when he partnered the legendary Bing Crosby,

giving us a No.1 Christmas-time joy. 


In 82 came ‘Baal’s Hymn’,

and then ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)’.

And in 83, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘China Girl’,

once more filled our hearts with desire.


‘Modern Girl’ and ‘White Light, White Heat’,

finished off 83, with a roar,

before ‘Blue Jean’ and then ‘Tonight’,

his two offerings for 84.


In 85 ‘Loving The Alien’ at No.19,

(this song also being a re-entry in July.)

And then his release of ‘Dancing In The Street’

with Mick Jagger,  got a deserved, No.1 reply.


In 86 came ‘Absolute Beginners’  

which bounced up to No.2,

In this year also came ‘Underground’,

and ‘When The Wind Blows’, came into view.


‘Day-In Day-Out’, came in 87,

and ‘Time Will Crawl’, and ‘Never Let Me Down’.

The re-mix of ‘Fame’ entering the charts in 90,

making a bid once more for the crown.


In 92 ‘Real Cool World’ peaked at 53,

then in 93 ‘Jump They Say’ got to Number 9.

And ‘Black Tie White Noise’, featuring Al B Sure,

was followed by ‘Miracle Goodnight’ – so fine.


‘Buddha Of Surburbia’, featuring Lenny Kravitz –

this last single of 93 making it to No.35.

Two years later, ‘The Heart’s Filthy Lesson’,

in the charts, also at 35.


And to follow, this double ‘A’ side,

being the last chart success of 95 –

‘Strangers When We Meet’,  and

‘The Man Who Sold The World (live)’.


‘Hallo Spaceboy’ made it to 12 in 96, and in 97

‘Little Wonder’ and ‘Dead Man Walking’, we met.

The final hit of this year being,

‘Seven Years In Tibet’.


‘I Can’t Read’ came along in 98, and

‘Thursday’s Child’ and ‘Under Pressure (remix)’ – in 99.

With ‘Survive’ and ‘Seven’ in the year 2000,

The Noughties started off fine.


‘Loving The Alien’ and ‘Everyone say Hi’, in 02

and ‘Just For One Day (Heroes)’  next in 03.

‘Rebel Never Gets Old’, then came in 04.

‘Life On Mars’ & ‘Peace On Earth – Little Drummer Boy’,

in 07,  also back in the charts, once more.



A self confessed social observer –

David Bowie’s vision knew no bounds.

He spoke for the rebel in all of us.

by constantly breaking new grounds.


He bridged the gap from adolescence to adulthood,

when, for us all, there was a division.

So today we say Thank You, for leaving behind,

unforgettable ‘Golden Days’ of ‘Sound and Vision’.


written by

Harriet Blackbury


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