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July 16, 2015


Chips for supper.

Chips for Tea.

Bread and butter

and chips for me


Chips for breakfast.

Chips for lunch.

Forget bananas

even by the bunch.


Chips at snack-time.

Chips for Lent.

Chips at Easter,

I won’t relent.


Chips in Summer.

Chips in Spring.

I just love chips

more than anything.


Chips from the McDonalds

Chips at home.

Chips by the mirror

as my hair I comb.


Chips in the hallway.

Chips on the loo.

I’m so full of chips

I don’t know what to do.


Chips and more chips

and more chips still.

Forget rabbit food,

it just makes me ill


Chips tomorrow.

Chips next week.

Chips by the mouthful

until I can’t speak


Chips in my tummy,

chips on my mind.

Chips by the plateful,

all the chips I can find.


Chips forever,

til the end of time.

I just think chips

are so sublime.










By Harriet Blackbury.


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