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August 13, 2016



The Data received on Bryan

made me say ‘Wow’ out loud.

His energy and vibrancy

standing out in a crowd.


Always eager to learn new skills,

and help others whenever he can.

With a natural ability to connect

and greet his fellow man.


Some say he lives on his own,

but that’s not my point of view,

for when you own a cat

your life shared, with a love so true.


And ‘Little Abby’,  the one waiting

patiently at close of day,

to welcome Bryan home

from either work or play.


A keen one for exercising

down at the gym,

to be toned-up for arrival

in Turkey, looking trim.


Not sure if he works out

to ACDC and Led Zep ?

But 4 visits a week will see him,

as fit as Johnny Depp.


He’s also good at reading

my poems with a chant.

Quite a difficult task,

when I go on a rant!


Bryan loves to go Gigging

and as most of you will know,

‘Pink’ blew his mind, when seen live,

a couple of years ago.


But Dance Music and Reggae

are Bryan’s mainstay,

And Bob Marley his favorite,

so I’ll ‘Exodus’ this way.


And say what a pleasure

it’s been to have an insight

into the ‘Life of Bryan’ –

Hope you all enjoy, this sound-bite.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury









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