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December 5, 2019



The first of six hits on Island, came in 73,

when ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’, hit the Top 10 scene.

And in 74 came ‘The In Crowd’, at No.13,

and ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’, at No.17.


In 75, ‘You Go To My Head’, reached No.33,

and in 76, ‘Let’s Stick Together’, made the Top 4.

And at No.7, ‘Extended Play EP’, peaked at No.7,

and in 77, at No.9, was ‘This Is Tomorrow’, on Polydor.


Also in 77, on Polydor, at No.15, was ‘Tokyo Joe’,

and in 78, ‘What Goes On’ – at No.67, did sit,

with ‘Sign Of The Times’, making No.37, (both on Polydor),

and in 85, ‘Slave To Love’, on EG FERRY – a Top 10 hit.


Also in 85, ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’, made No.21,

and ‘Windswept’, up to No.46 flew.

And in 86, ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’ –

the last hit on EG FERRY – made No.22.


In 87, ‘The Right Stuff’, on Virgin, peaked at No.37,

and in 88, also on Virgin, at No.41 was ‘Kiss And Tell’,

wiith ‘Let’s Stick Together (Remix)’ on EG EGO, next at No.12,

and in 89, ‘The Price Of Love (Remix)’ – a No.49 sell.


In 89, ‘He’ll Have To Go’, also on EG EGO – made No.63.

And in 93, came the first of five more hits on Virgin,

beginning with, ‘I Put A Spell On You’, at No.18,

and ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’,  – a No.23 win.


Also in 93, ‘Girl Of My Best Friend’, peaked at No.57,

and in 94, at No.52, was ‘Your Painted Smile’.

In 95, ‘Mamouna’, reached No.57,

ending this Bryan Ferry mix in style.



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