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April 19, 2012



I’ve got a lovely velvet coat,

It buttons to the floor.

I feel the bees knees in it.

But I don’t wear it anymore.


I’ve got a heavy, thick black cape,

It comes right past my knees.

But I don’t bother wearing it,

So my knees, I let them freeze!


I’ve got hundreds of matching suits,

That in my wardrobe sit.

But they are all last seasons,

And some, they don’t even fit!


I’ve got four thousand pairs of shoes,

Some, I’ve never had on.

I’ve searched two months for my favourite pair,

I don’t know where they’ve gone.


I’ve got millions of bottles of perfume,

Nail varnish and lipsticks too.

In every colour you can think of,

And guess what, I’ve even got blue!


You couldn’t call me a hat chick,

So I thought I’d let you know,

That sitting in my cupboard

There’s only ten or so.


When it comes to guys,

I don’t know why I’ve only got one!

I’ll start a new collection,

Goodbye….  I’m already gone…






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