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May 26, 2018


She made Eccles Cakes

and Maids of Honour,

and spiced Tray Bakes

when the mood was upon her


She made Bakewell Tarts

and Coconut Squares,

and Vanilla Slices

and Gingerbread Men in pairs.


She made Custard Pies

and Raspberry Buns,

and Chocolate Fondants

that gave us the ‘runs’.


She made fruity Simnels

and Wedding Cakes,

and Lemon Shortbreads

and Food for Funeral Wakes.


She made Brandy Snaps

and Treacle Toffee,

and Banana Bread

long before Banoffee.


She made Fairy Cakes

with a cherry glaze,

and Christmas Puddings

that she set ablaze.


She made Currant Cakes

out of pastry waste,

and hot Easter Bunnies

topped with Almond paste.


She made Coffee Meringues

and the best Parkin in town –

as a top class Confectioner,

she was renown.


All this, she did alone,

as well as serving in her shop.

It doesn’t seem humanly possible,

but back then, work didn’t stop.



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