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February 17, 2013



From the moment he laid eyes on her

he was entranced;

captivated by her stunning aura.

She, with wonderful copper coloured hair

bound attractively into a loose chignon;

a soft fringe framing her gentle face.

His heart raced.

She was the most elegant lady

he had ever seen,

and he, just a mere boy

of only thirteen.

He took sneaky peeks at her in assembly

as they all stood together in prayer.

She wore the most luscious

mauve coloured, mohair,

cowl necked sweater,

and deep purple pencil style skirt.

Shiny black patent stiletto shoes

completed her look.

He was so much in love

that it hurt.

She was the new geography teacher,

and spoke of Norwegian fiords

and Cornish tin mines

and rock formations

and the equator.

He needed a translator,

for it all went over his head, as

he sat transfixed by her beauty,

traumatised by her smile,

and lost in a universe of his own.



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