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April 28, 2012

The atmosphere was very congenial

The setting was really first class.

The host and hostess were hospitable

And gave us Champagne by the glass.


 The menu was very imaginative,

Our chef was in cracking good form.

His friend, Jerry Boam popped his cork,

But in the end he went down a storm.


The chef wore a ‘Kiss-Me-Quick’ pinny,

‘Cos at his age it pays to beg

And we were all rather impressed

By his salad topped with quails egg !


One lady galloped off to the loo

Thirty four times whilst we dined!

She was supposed to be staying overnight,

The words ‘rubber mattress’ sprang to mind.


The food it  just kept on coming,

We thought it would never stop.

And I swear that a kangaroo

At one point did a hop.


Then came the heavenly fruit

And all kinds of exotic cheese

These really are gradely people

And certainly know how to please.


The same lady bombed off to the lav again

The poor lamb needs incontinence knickers!

The candles were nearly burnt out

And into their final flickers.


A blond guy was the first to look weary

And the hostess’s eyelids started to drop.

Everyone, in turn, did a sneaky yawn,

So the party finally had to stop.


It was a night to remember.

Though today, some might want to forget

As they crawl out from under the sheets,

En-route for the painkillers – you can bet

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