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February 4, 2015



They chose a place, 

that had ‘exchange’ dining,

with it’s sister hotel,

to make life, less confining,


and promptly arrived

at the restaurant for seven,

for drinks at the bar

in this Caribbean heaven.


Before being escorted

to a table by the sea,

with luscious waves lapping

in sweet tranquillity.


The tables quite close,

but nobody spoke;

respecting the privacy,

of high-end dining folk.


Though smiles were exchanged,

by two ladies diagonally placed.

Both approving of each others,

evening dress taste.


With wine duly served

and starters on the way,

it seemed a perfect ending

to another perfect day.


Then main courses followed,

as tiredness too, did arrive,

and a dessert, they decided,

they couldn’t survive.


So later, ordered coffees

and one single malt;

the other declining,

further bodily assault.


Then standing to leave,

she nodded a goodnight,

(acknowledging silently,

that all had gone right),


to the pleasant lady nearby,

who’s husband, had in his hand,

the wine bottle he had taken,

from a tripod-footed wine stand.


With the bottle still hovering

overhead, in mid air,

of a pending calamity

he was unaware.


That’s when the lady leaving,

caught the toe of her shoe,

in a prong of the wine stand

and right away knew,


that from a disaster,

there was no turning away,

as the wine bucket contents,

in slow motion did sway,


into the lap of the man,

who let out a loud yell,

as a bucket of iced water,

soaked his manhood: What hell!


In shock, she looked down,

at the ice cubes in his lap,

as he threw down his napkin;

so mortified was the chap!


His wife found it hilarious,

hearing him yelp,

as the shock hit his system,

with no sign of help.


He then rose and dashed off,

in an embarrassed trot,

oblivious to apologies,

as if time were forgot.


His wife now needing a hanky,

to mop up her tears,

still couldn’t contain herself,

as more laughter appeared.


(When the guy had yelled out,

a loud gasp hit the air;

folks thinking it a shooting,

and ready to flea, in despair).


‘Let’s get out of here,

as quick as we can,

before the return,

of one irate, sodden man’,


hubby whispered to the culprit,

whilst pushing her along,

as other diners looked on,

still wondering what was wrong?


It would bring a new meaning,

when the wife rang at daylight;

telling the family, their father,

had got half-soaked, last night!


















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