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March 16, 2012

The pain of death is so hard to bear,

Knowing you are no longer there.

Just a hollow emptiness

And utter despair.

No point in carrying on.


The things we did, the life we had,

We saw it through, both good and bad.

Just a broken heart,

So very sad.

No point in carrying on.


I cannot handle this sudden life change.

My affairs I just can’t rearrange.

Just a pointless void,

I feel so strange.

No point in carrying on.


They say in time I will feel better.

That I should sit and write a letter.

But, I was dead

Before I met her.

No point in carrying on.


We were soul mates in every sense.

Though that is still no recompense.

In fact it’s worse, from here on, hence

No point in carrying on.


Today I think I can begin.

I’ve even put aside the gin.

This self indulgence

Is a sin.

Some point in carrying on.





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