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March 6, 2013



Mother’s Day comes around so fast,

reminding us all, it’s time

to get in touch and say ’Hello’ and

send a card with a suitable rhyme.


If only Mum knew how busy I am?

The computers crashed today, and

I had to work through my lunch break

as the year-end is up in May.


I pulled in at the ‘Services’,

to get some petrol and grab a card,

but the verses were all too sloppy

and I really looked ever so hard.


Just as I was giving up

I spotted one with a dog that would fit,

though the words inside were negligible.

She’d say that my partner had chosen it!


But I had to get it anyway,

as it was a last minute bid!

It was too late for choc’s and flowers

so I put in twenty quid.


I dashed out to the post van,

that from nowhere had appeared.

‘This card can’t go in here’ said the man

as we both now, at it peered.


‘It needs a first class stamp on it,

if you want it to get there on time’

I swear for just a second, I was

nearly hung for committing a crime.


‘But seeing as how it’s for Mother’s Day,

if you give me the value of the stamp,

I’ll see as it’s put in the sack with the rest

when I get back to camp’.



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