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September 20, 2014



On the darkened path

to a fetish dream,

laid bare, emotions,

in agony scream.


When a brilliant brain

spinning out of control

seeks out mercy’s angels

who, half naked stroll,


around him,

menacingly tantalising,

in an awakened dream,

that left him fantasising.


(The power too great

at such a dizzy height.

The loneliness up there,

in towers of ivory white.


The expectation unreal,

at summit level.

Daunting is the path;

haunted by the devil.)


So for just one hour

they occupy his mind,

wrapping him in silken threads,

as his hands, they tightly bind.


And offered by the matrix;

life’s gas and air,

when pain too great, and life,

too much to bare.


Releasing pent-up stress;

so great the power.

Cometh the man,

cometh the hour.


‘Do with me what you will;

exploit my every whim.

Release my pent up stress.

Turn down the lights to dim’.


‘Too much, too much,

oh god, too much.

The sight of all that flesh

that I dare not touch’.


‘My own High Priestess;

the Ruler of the day,

make me sit and beg;

I promise to obey’.


‘Beat me to a pulp,

with your feathered wand.

I promise to be good.

I promise to respond.’


The supreme Goddess of Love,

bring me to my knees.

You have my heart and soul;

my only wish to please’.


Gone are unanswered emails

left for tomorrow,

in this world where dominance,

strips bare, life’s sorrow.


until strength found

once more, to carry on,

in this relentless world,

from where we’ll soon be gone.









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