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September 30, 2014



There’s a cottage that will do for you,

that’s become vacant, due to the death,

of elderly spinster Miss Bromsey-Howard,

but when you see it, don’t hold your breath.


It’s tucked away at the rear of the pub;

just up the hill, and off to the right.

She never allowed anyone entry,

so prepare yourselves for a mighty fright.


The only form of heating you’ll find,

is by way of an ancient cast iron range.

And I advise you to visit in daylight,

as under your feet, will run creatures strange!


It’s where American soldiers found shelter,

and survived many a wartime air raid.

And where her mother entertained them lavishly,

whilst Bromsey-Howard was with his brigade!


The soldiers supplied ‘smokes’ to the villagers,

and kept the lassies in nylons, so fine.

And some said that Miss Bromsey-Howard,

was born with a yank through her spine!


So if you’re looking for a place historical,

and are prepared for many set-backs.

The price should be very agreeable,

if you can live with a good few, wise cracks!



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