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December 16, 2013



What untold stories

lay in Chentocks Wood,

where many a maiden

got up to no good.


And young boys smoked,

for the very first time –

too old to swing from trees

and get covered in grime.


There, flourished nightlife,

where courting was rife.

All car windows steamed up,

road testing, for a wife!


Many secrets, worse than these

lay in Chentock’s Wood,

if folklore is to be believed –

but I have no thirst for blood.


So, for now I’ll just say this:

‘Follow the thorny thistle Trail,

and turn left at Chentocks Bottom –

but be sure you don’t inhale.


And if there is a full moon

on the night you choose to go,

you may not be alone

so keep your headlights low.


And one more thing I beg you,

when you finally arrive,

do not outstay your welcome,

or you will be eaten, whole, alive!







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