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May 18, 2015



I know he,

who knows not me:

Lost is the bell

for liberty.


She and he

appear as one,

on camera film,

when selfies done.


It is the way,

it is today.

‘Happy snapping’,

no chance to say nay.


Arms flung round necks,

and big bear hugs,

then click and flash,

those captured mugs.


I know not he,

nor he knows me,

but what the hell,

just smile with glee


No use today,

just a scribbled name,

begged for, to some

honoured Dame.  


Now stars assaulted

in daylight,

without respect;

powerless to fight.


I know he,

who knows not me,

but now no difference,

can there be.


No escape;

nowhere to go.

All privacy lost;

a bitter blow.


I promise you,

she knows not me,

The photo not,

what it seems to be!







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