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August 6, 2019




In 54, ‘Mr Sandman’, on Columbia,

for The Chordettes – a US No.1 & UK No.11.

And in 61, ‘Mr Guitar’, on Top Rank,

for Bert Weedon, reached No.47.


In 65, ‘Mr Tambourine Man’, gave The Byrds,

a US & UK No.1, on CBS.

And in 04, ‘Mr Brightside’, on Lizard King,

for The Killers, was a Top 10 success.


In 85, ‘Mr Telephone Man’, climbed to No.19,

for New Edition, on MCA.

And in 92, ‘Mr Loverman’, on Epic,

gave Shabba Ranks, a Top 3 play.


In 93, ‘Mr Vain’, on Epic – a gold-seller,

saw Culture Beat, up to No.1, soar.

And in 96, ‘Mr Friday Night’, on Go! Beat,

for Lisa Moorish, peaked at No.24.


In 78, ‘Electric Light Orchestra, reached No.6,

on Jet, with ‘Mr Blue Sky’.

And in 88, ‘Mr Lee’. gave Diana Ross,

a No 58, on EMI.


In 57, ‘Mr Wonderful’, on Brunswick –

a Top 5, for Peggy Lee.

And in 87, ‘Mr Sleaze’, on London,

for Stock Aitken Waterman, peaked at No.3.


In 68, The Spencer Davis Group, on United Artists,

took ‘Mr Second Class’, to No.35.

And in 74, ‘Mr Soft’, on EMI,

for Cockney Rebel, at No.8, did arrive.


In 63, ‘Mr Bass Man’, on London, made No.24, 

for Johnny Cymbal – his only UK hit.

And in 97, Rootjoose, on Rage,

peaked at No.54, with ‘Mr Fixit’.


In 58, ‘Mr Success’, on Capitol,

for Frank Sinatra, up to No.25, rose.

And in 94, ‘Mr Jones’, on Geffen,

peaked at No.28, for Counting Crows.


In 66, Keith Relf, on Columbia,

had a Top 50, with ‘Mr Zero’.

And in 2000, ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’, on Dream Works,

found The Eels, with a No.11, ending this ‘Mr’ mix show.





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August 5, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine 

‘Two Hour Special’

11am to 1pm

on Tuesday, 6th August 2019


for Tony’s latest Summer Of Rock Show.

which this week includes -,

the A -Z of Rock History.

plus all the latest happenings & events

in the music world.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


For The Love Of Boys

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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In 07, Amerie, on Columbia,

had a Top 10, with ‘Take Control’.

And in 08, ‘Take Back The City’, on Fiction.

reached No.6, for Snow Patrol.


In 72, ‘Take A Look Around’, on Tamla Motown,

found The Temptations, at No.13 in the chart.

And in 92, Erma Franklin, peaked at No.9,

on Epic, with ‘(Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart’.


In 80, Marti Webb, on Polydor, made No.3,

with ‘Take That Look Off Your Face’.

And in 85, ‘Take Me Home’, on Virgin,

found Phil Collins, with a No.19, to embrace.


In 75, ‘Take Your Mama For A Ride’,

on Chelsea, gave Lulu, a No.37 success.

And in 98, ‘Take The Long Way Home’,

on Cheeky, peaked at No.15, for Faithless.


In 85, A-Ha, on Warner Brothers,

had a gold-selling, US.No.1 & UK. No.2, with ‘Take On Me’.

And in 04, ‘Take Me Out’, on Domino,

gave Franz Ferdinand, a Top 3.


In 96, Baby D, on Systematic,

had a No.15, with ‘Take Me To Heaven’,

And in 98, Blackstreet & Mya featuring Mase & Blinky Blink,

took ‘Take Me There’, on Interscope, to No.7.


In 79, ‘Take On The World’, gave Judas Priest,

a No.14, on CBS.

And in 09, ‘Take Me Back’, on Fourth & Broadway,

gave Tinchy Stryder, a Top 3 success.


In 67, Gladys Knight & The Pips, on Tamla Motown, 

made No.13, with ‘Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me’.

And in 94, ‘Take It Back’, on EMI,

for Pink Floyd, peaked at No.23.


In 85, Prince & The Revolution, on Warner Brothers,

made No.7, with ‘Let’s Go Crazy’/’Take Me With You’.

And in 95, ‘Take Me Higher’, on EMI,

for Diana Ross, reached No.32.


In 79, ‘Take That To The Bank’, on RCA,

was a Top 20, for Shalamar.

And in 04, ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’,

on, All around the world, saw LMC vs U2, find a No.1 star.


In 73, ‘Take Me High’, on EMI,

took Cliff Richard to No.27.

And in 02, ‘Take It Easy’, on Epic,

for 3SL reached No.11.


In 93, ‘Take It From Me’, on Arista,

gave Girlfriend, a No.47.

And in 99, Charlotte Nilsson, also on Arista,

flew up to No.20, with ‘Take Me To Heaven’.


In 73, ‘Take Me To The Mardi Gras’, on CBS,

for Paul Simon, peaked at No.7.

And in 83, ‘Take That Situation’, on Arista,

found Nick Heyward, at No.11.


In 78, Abba reached No.1, on Epic,

with the gold-seller – ‘Take A Chance On Me’

And in 03, ‘Take Your Shoes Off’, on Multiply,

gave The Cheeky Girls, a Top 3.


In 61, ‘Take Five’, on Fontana,

for The Dave Brubeck Quartet, peaked at No.6,

And in 76, ‘Take It To The Limit’, on Asylum,

reached No.12, for The Eagles, and completes this mix.




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In 92, the first chart entry for The Smashing Pumpkins,

on Hut label, making No.73, was ‘I Am One’.

And in 93, on Hut, reaching No.31, was ‘Cherub Rock’,

and lastly, in 93, on Hut, ‘Today’ – a No.44 place, won.


In 94, ‘Disarm’, also on Hut, climbed to No.11,

and in 95, ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’, on Virgin, made No.20.

In 96, ‘1979’, on Virgin, peaked at No.16,

and also in 96, ‘Tonight Tonight’, on Virgin, made a No.7 entry.


Ending 96, ‘Thirty Three’, on Virgin, was at No.21,

and in mid 97, ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’, came through

on Warner Brothers, reaching the Top 10.

Later in 97, ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End (remix)’, made No.72.


In 98, ‘Ava Adore’, on Hut, peaked at No.11,

and also in 98, ‘Perfect’, on Hut, climbed to No.24.

In 2000, ‘Stand Inside Your Love’, on Hut, climbed to No.23,

and also in 2000, ‘Try Try Try’, on Hut, made a No.73 score.


In 07, ‘Tarantula’, on Warner Brothers,

crawled to No.59,

and this list of some of The Smashing Pumpkin’s hits,

is now on the final line.




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August 4, 2019




In 88, ‘Never’/’These Dreams’, on Capitol,

reached No.8, for Heart.

And in 04, ‘These Words’, on Phonogenic,

found Natasha Bedingfield, at No.1 in the chart.


In 71, The Velvelettes, on Tamla Motown,

made No.34, with ‘These Things Will Keep Me Loving You’.

And in 2000, ‘These Wooden Ideas’, on Food,

gave Idle Wild, a No 32.


In 99, ‘These Are The Times’, on Island Black Music,

gave Dru Hill, a Top 4 play.

And in 02, ‘Times Like These’, for The Foo Fighters,

peaked at No.12, on RCA.


In 66, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’, on Reprise,

gave Nancy Sinatra, a US & UK No.1.

And in 04, The Killers, on Lizard King,

peaked at No.18, with ‘All These Thing I’ve Done’.


In 94, The Proclaimers, on Chrysalis,

peaked at No.51, with ‘These Arms Of Mine’.

And in 06, ‘All These Things I Hate’, on Visible Noise,

gave Bullet for my Valentine, a No.29.


In 63, ‘Take These Chains From My Heart’, on HMV,

for Ray Charles, reached the Top 5.

And in 91, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’/’These Are The Days Of Our Life’,

on Parlophone, saw Queen at No.1 for 5 weeks, thrive.


In 03, ‘These Are The Days’, on J Records,

for O Town, peaked at No.36.

And in 96, ‘These Days’, on Mercury,

at No.7, for Bon Jovi,  ends this mix.



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Tune in to Tony’s Special, 

Sunday Drive-Time show

between 5 – 7 pm  TODAY -4th August 2019


For the continuation  of 

Tony’s fab 

‘Summer of Rock’  series 

with great music & fun

and all the latest

sports news.

and details of forth coming events.


Tony will also be reading the poem –


‘For The Love Of The Police’

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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July 31, 2019





In 78, the first of nineteen hits on A & M,

saw The Police at No.42, with ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’.

And in 79, ‘Roxanne’, climbed to No.12,

and ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’, this time reached No.2.


Next to follow in 79, came ‘Message In A Bottle’ –

a gold-seller, at No.1, for a 3 week stay.

Also in 79, ‘Fall Out’, on Illegal, made No.47,

and ‘Walking On The Moon’, on A & M,- a gold-selling, No.1 play.


In 80, ‘So Lonely’ made No.6, and ‘Six Pack’ reached No.17,

with ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ – a gold-selling No.1.

And ‘De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da’, also a gold-seller, at No.5,

and in 81, at No.2, was ‘Invisible Sun’.


Still in 81, ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’, made No.1,

and ending 81, ‘Spirits In The Material World’ – a No.12 sound.

In 83, ‘Every Breath You Take’ – a US. & UK. No 1,

and also in 83, ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’, was No.7 bound.


Ending 83, ‘Synchronicity ll’, peaked at No.17,

and in 84, also at No.17, was ‘King Of Pain’.

And in 86, ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me (Remix)’, at No.24,

and in 95, ‘Can’t Stand Losing You (Live)’, at No.27 – a hit again.


In 97, Sting & The Police, took ‘Roxanne ’97 ‘ to No.17, on A & M,

and in 2000, on Pagan, Different Gear Versus The Police,

took ‘When The World Is Running Down’ to No.28,

and ends this mix of hits, that The Police did release.





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July 29, 2019



Tune in to Tony’s Time Machine

at Noon, on Tuesday, 30th July 2019,

for the latest ‘Summer of Rock’ show.


This fast moving hour includes

Tony’s interview with

Pete Trewavas  – bass guitarist with


and also the music of Focus and Yes,


Tony will also be reading the poem –


For The Love Of Old Favourites 

written by Harriet Blackbury.



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In 71, ‘I Will Return’, gave Springwater,

a Top 5, on Polydor.

And in 95, ‘I Will Remember’, on Columbia,

gave Toto, a No.64.


In 71, Frank Sinatra, on Reprise,

peaked at No.16, with ‘I Will Drink The Wine’, 

And in 04, ‘I Won’t Change You’, on Polydor,

for Sophie Ellis-Bextor, reached No.9.


In 82, ‘I Won’t Close My Eyes’, on DEP International,

for UB40, reached No.32.

And in 88, T’Pau, on Siren,

peaked at No.14, with ‘I Will Be With You’.


In 84, Alvin Stardust, on Chrysalis,

climbed to No.7, with ‘I Won’t Run Away’.

And in 84, ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’,

peaked at No.2, for Nik Kershaw, on MCA.


In 78, Ruby Winters, on Creole,

had a No.45 hit, with ‘I Won’t Mention It Again’.

And in 97, ‘I Will Come To You’, on Mercury,

saw Hanson, with a Top 5 reign.


In 87, Glen Goldsmith reached No.34,

on Reproduction, with ‘I Won’t Cry’.

And in 88, ‘I Won’t Bleed For You’, peaked at No.35,

for Climie Fisher, on EMI.


In 72, ‘I Won’t Last A Day Without You’/’Goodbye To Love’,

for The Carpenters, peaked at No.9, on A & M.

And in 77, ‘I Will’, on Creole,

for Ruby Winters – a Top 4 gem.


In 89, ‘I Won’t Back Down’, on MCA,

found Tom Petty, in the No.28 zone.

And in 07, ‘I Will Wait For You’, made No.36,

for Tiny Dancers, on Parlophone.


In 79, ‘I Will Survive’, on Polydor,

gave Gloria Gaynor, a No.1 success.

And in 83, ‘I Won’t Hold You Back’ –

a No.37, for Toto, on CBS.


In 02, ‘I Will Always Love You’, on Liberty,

gave Rik Waller, a Top 6.

And in 82, ‘I Won”t Let You Down’, on WEA,

for Phd, at No.3, ends this mix.





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In 86, ‘Down To Earth’, on Mercury,

for Curiosity Killed The Cat, reached No.3.

And in 87, ‘Ordinary Day’, peaked at No.11,

with ‘Misfits’ at No.7, and at No.56, was ‘Free’.


In 89, ‘Name and Number’ – their last hit on Mercury –

enjoyed a No.14 stay.

And in 92, ‘Hang On In There Baby’,

was a Top 3, on RCA.


Still in 92, ‘I Need Your Lovin’,

on RCA, reached the No.47 line.

And in 93, peaking at No.73,

on RCA, was ‘Gimme The Sunshine’.




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