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August 25, 2021




With the first of 17 chart hits on Decca,

In 63, The Rolling Stones took  ‘Come On’, to No.21.

Also in 63, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ rose to No.12,

And in 64, ‘Not Fade Away’, had the Top 3 won.


Also in 64, ‘It’s All Over Now’ & ‘Little Red Rooster’,

both had No.1 success.

As did, ‘The Last Time’ & ‘(I Can’t Get No Satisfaction)’,

which was also a No.1 in the US.


In 66, ‘Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown’, made No.2.

And ‘Paint It,Black’, another US & UK No.1 hit to arrive.

Also in 66, ‘Have You Seen Your Mother Baby

Standing In The Shadow’, climbed into the Top 5.


In 67, ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’/’Ruby Tuesday’,

a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

Also in 67, ‘We Love You’/’Dandelion’, made No.8,

And in 68, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, a No.1, was to be.


In 69, ‘Honky Tonk Women, a US No.1 & UK 5 week No.1.

And in 71, ‘Brown Sugar’/’Bitch’/’Let It Rock’,

on Rolling Stone label, a US No.1 & UK Top 2.

And ‘Street Fighting Man’, on Decca, had a No.21 knock.


In 72, ‘Tumblin Dice’ (their second of 22 hits,

on Rolling Stone label), made the Top 5.

With ‘Angie’ next – a Silver selling US No.1 & UK No.5.

And in 74, ‘It’s Only Rock And Roll’ at No.10, did arrive.


In 75, ‘Out Of Time’ reached No.45,

And in 76, ‘Fool To Cry’ peaked at No.6.

In 78, ‘Miss You’/’Far Away Eyes’, a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And also in 78, ‘Respectable’, a No.23 fix.


In 80, ‘Emotional Rescue’, rose to No.9.

Also in 80, ‘She’s So Cold’, peaked at No.33.

In 81, ‘Start Me Up’, reached No.7.

Also in 81, ‘Waiting On A Friend’, made a Top 50 plea.


In 82, ‘Going To A Go Go’, peaked at No.26.

Also in 82, at No.62 was, ‘Time Is On My Side’.

In 83, ‘Undercover Of Night’, made No.11.

And in 84, ‘She Was Hot’, had a No.42 ride.


Also in 84, ‘Brown Sugar’, rose to No.58.

And in 86, ‘Harlem Shuffle’, made No.13.

In 89, ‘Mixed Emotions’, reached No.36,

and ‘Rock And A Hard Place’, at No.63 seen.


In 90, ‘Paint It, Black’, on London, made No.61,

and ‘Almost Hear You Sigh’, was at No.31.

In 91, ‘High Wire’, rose to No.29,

and ‘Ruby Tuesday (LIVE)’, a No.59 spot won.


In 94, ‘Love Is Strong’, on Virgin, reached No.14.

Also, ‘You Got Me Rocking’, peaked at No.23.

Ending 94,’Out Of Tears’ (the third on Virgin) at No.36.

And in 95, ‘I Go Wild’, a No.29, was to be.


Also in 95, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, rose to No.12.

And in 97, ‘Anybody Seen My Baby’, was at No.22.

In 98, ‘Saint Of Me’, reached No.26.

And also, ‘Out Of Control’, at No.51, on view.


In 02, ‘Don’t Stop’, peaked at No.36.

And in 03, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, on Mercury, a No.14.

In 05, ‘Streets Of Love’/’Rough Justice’, rose to No.15.

Also in 05, ‘Rain Fall Down’, at No.33 seen.


In 06, ‘Biggest Mistake’, peaked at No.51.

And in 07, ‘Paint It, Black’ on ABKCO/Decca, a No.70 entry.

Bringing to a close this tribute to Charlie Watts.

A fantastic drummer, who was loved aplenty.


Thank You for the music.


Charlie Watts     1941 – 2021


Written by

Harriet Blackbury




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August 23, 2021



In 80, their first hit, ‘King’/’Food For Thought’,

on Graduate, became a Silver selling Top 4.

With ‘My Way Of Thinking’/’ I Think It’s Going To Rain’,

reaching No.6, leaving fans begging for more.


Ending 80, ‘The Earth Dies Screaming’/’Dream A Lie’,

(their last hit on Graduate), made the Top 10.

In 81, ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By’/’Don’t Slow Down’,

on DEP International, at No.16 – another Top 20 again.


Ending 81,’One In Ten’, rose to No.7 –

the second of 44 hits on DEP International label.

In 82, ‘I Won’t Close My Eyes’, made No.32,

with ‘Love Is All Is Alright’, at No.29, next on the table.


Also in 82, ‘So Here I Am’, rose to No.25,

And in 83, ‘I’ve Got Mine’, reached the No.45 line.

Next in 83, came their famous, gold selling

US & UK No.1 – ‘Red Red Wine’.


Also in 83, ‘Please Don’t Make Me Cry’, a Top 10,

with ‘Many Rivers To Cross’, on the No.16 line.

And in 84, ‘Cherry Oh Baby’, peaked at No.12,

And ‘If It Happens Again’, reached No.9.


Ending 84, ‘Riddle Me’, rose to No.59,

And in 85, at No.1, came ‘I Got You Babe’, ft Chrissie Hynde.

Also in 85, ‘Don’t Break My Heart, a Top 3.

And in 86, ‘Sing Our Own Song’, – a Top 5 find


Ending 86, ‘All I Want To Do’, made No.41,

And in 87 ‘Rat In Mi Kitchen’, at No.12, doing fine.

With ‘Watchdogs’ reaching No.39,

And ending 87, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, claimed the No.14 line.


In 88, came ‘Reckless’, on EMI,

for Afrika Bambaataa ft UB40 & Family, at No.17.

Next in 88, ‘Breakfast In Bed’ ft Chrissie Hynde, at No.6.

And ending 88, ‘Where Did I Go Wrong’, at No.26 seen.


In 89, ‘I Would Do For You’, made No.45.

With ‘Homely Girl’, making the Top 6.

In 90, ‘Here I Am (Come And Take Me)’, a No.46,

With ‘Kingston Town’, a Silver selling, Top 4 fix.


Next in 90, ‘Wear You To The Ball’, made No.35.

And ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’, on EMI,

for Robert Palmer & UB40, to No.6 did fly.

And ending 90, ‘Impossible Love’, made a No.47 high.


In 91, ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’, a No.49.

In 92, State Vs UB40, on ZTT, with ‘One In Ten’, a No.17.

And in 93, ‘(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You’ –

a multi platinum US & UK No.1 on view.


Also in 93, ‘Higher Ground’, rose to No.8.

And ‘Bring Me Your Cup’, made No.24.

In 94, ‘C’est La Vie’, reached No.37.

And ‘Reggae Music’ made a No.28 score.


In 95, ‘Until My Dying Day’, made No.15.

And in 97, ‘Tell Me Is It True’, rose to No.14.

Also in 97, ‘Always There’, was at No.53.

And in 98, ‘Come Back Darling’, made the Top 10 scene.


Ending 98, ‘Holly Holy’, peaked at No.31.

And in 99, ‘The Train Is Coming’ – a Top 30 hit.

In 2000, ‘Light My Fire’, made No.63,

And in 01, ‘Since I Met You Lady’/’Sparkle Of My Eyes’,

featuring Lady Saw – a Top 40, was to be.


In 02, ‘Cover Up’, made No.54, and

in 03, ‘Swing Low’ ft United Colours Of Sound – a No.15.

In 05, ‘Kiss And Say Goodbye’, at No.19 did arrive.

And also in 05, ‘Reasons’, for UB40/

Hunter Z/DHOL Blasters – rose to No.75.


Thank You for the music  (40 Top 40 hits – WOW)


Brian Travers    1959 – 2021

Terence Wilson (Astro)    1957 – 2021


written by

Harriet Blackbury




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August 22, 2021






In 57, The Everly Brothers entered the UK charts,

with the first of eleven hits on the London label, on view.

When ‘Bye Bye Love’, reached No.6, followed by

 ‘Wake Up Little Susie’, a US No.1 & UK Top 2


In 58, came two US No.1’s, being

‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’/’Claudette’ –

(a double A side, seven week, UK No.1) ,

and ‘Bird Dog’, a sure UK Top 2 bet.


In 59, four more hits came along.

The first being ‘Problems’, with a No.6 view.

And ‘Take A Message To Mary’, a Top 20, and also

‘Poor Jenny’, at No.14, and (‘Til) I Kissed You’, at No.2.


In 60, came five more UK chart entries,

with ‘Let It Be Me’, at No.13.

Followed by, ‘Cathy’s Clown’, a US & UK No.1,

and ‘When Will I Be Loved’, at No.4, seen.


In 60,’Lucille’/ ‘So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)’,

on Warner Brothers, a Top 4, won.

Then came, ‘Like Strangers’, on London, at No.11. And in 61,

‘Walk Right Back’/’Ebony Eyes’, on Warner Brothers, a No.1.


Now, staying on Warner Brothers until 1968,

their next hit, ‘Temptation’, another UK No.1 fix.

Followed by ‘Muskrat’/’Don’t Blame Me’, a Top 20,

and in 62, ‘Cryin’ In The Rain’, peaked at No.6.


Next came ‘How Can I Meet Her’, reaching No.12,

and at No.11, ‘No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile’.

And in 63, was ‘So It Will Always Be’, at No.23,

and ‘It’s Been Nice’, at the No.26 dial.


Ending 63, ‘The Girl Sings The Blues’, rose to No.25,

and in 64, ‘The Ferris Wheel’, made a No.22 stay.

Also in 64, ‘Gone Gone Gone’, was at No.36,

and in 65, ‘That’ll Be The Day’, was a Top 30 play.


Also in 65, ‘The Price Of Love’, made the Top 2.

And ‘I’ll Never Get Over You’, reached No.35.

Ending 65, ‘Love Is Strange’, peaked at No.11.

And in 68, ‘It’s My Time’, at No.39, did arrive.


In 84, on Mercury, rising to No.41,

was ‘On The Wings Of A Nightingale’.

Ending this tribute, to Don & Phil Everly,

along their sensational Hit Parade trail.


Thank You for the music


Phil Everly     1939 – 2014

Don Everly     1937 – 2021.


written by

Harriet Blackbury




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August 18, 2021



In 92, ‘All I Want Is You’, on A & M,

for Bryan Adams, reached No.22.

And in 03, Bon Jovi, peaked at No.9,

on Mercury, with ‘All About Lovin’ You’.


In 64, ‘Wishin And Hopin’, on Fontana,

gave The Merseybeats, a No.13 success.

And in 67, ‘Just Loving You’, made No.6,

for Anita Harris, on CBS.


In 75, ‘It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart,It’s Spring)’

on 20th Century, gave Love Unlimited, a No.11 high.

And in 76, ‘I’m Your Puppet’, on Mercury,

peaked at No.12, for James & Bobby Purify.


In 78, ‘Wishing On A Star’, on Whitfield,

for Rose Royce, a Top 3, was to be.

And in 97, ‘I Wish You Love’, on East West,

for Paul Young, made No.33.


In 82, ‘All The Love In The World’, on Arista,

for Dionne Warwick, in the Top 10, did arrive.

Also, in 82, ‘Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)’,

was a Top 10, for A Flock Of Seagulls, on Jive.


In 87, ‘Wishing Well’, on CBS,

gave Terence Trent D’arby, a US No 1 & UK Top 4.

And in 92, ‘Something In The Air’, made No.51,

for Fish, on Polydor.


In 63, ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, on Philips,

for Dusty Springfield, reached No.4.

And in 97, Barbra Streisand & Celine Dion, on Epic,

with ‘Tell Him’, had a gold selling, Top 3 score.


In 63, ‘From Me To You’, on Parlophone,

gave The Beatles a No.1 bet.

And in 99, ‘Wish I Could Fly’, on EMI,

was at No.11, for Roxette’.


In 84, ‘Wishful Thinking’, on Virgin,

for China Crisis, a No.9, was to be.

And in 97, ‘All About Us’, on Mushroom,

gave Peter Andre, a Top 3.


In 89, ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’, on Elektra,

for Simply Red, a US No.1 & UK Top 2.

And in 05, McFly, on Island,

had a No.1, with ‘All About You’.


In 63, ‘Our Day Will Come’, on London,

a US No.1 & UK No.38, for Ruby And The Romantics.

also in 63, ‘Wishing’, on Coral,

gave Buddy Holly, a Top 10, ending this mix.


written by

Harriet Blackbury



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August 11, 2021



In 63, ‘Walk Right In’, on Fontana,

gave The Rooftop Singers, a US No.1 & UK Top 10 view.

And in 66, ‘Walking My Cat Named Dog’, on Stateside,

for Norma Tanega, reached No.22.


In 80, ‘A Walk In The Park’, on CBS,

was a Top 20, for The Nick Straker Band.

And in 07, Leona Lewis, made No.2,

on Syco Music, with ‘Footprints In The Sand’.


In 75, ‘Walking In Rhythm’, on Fantasy,

gave The Blackbyrds, a No.23.

And in 84, ‘Walking In My Sleep’, made No.56,

for Roger Daltrey, on Wea.


In 79, ‘Walking On The Moon’, on A & M,

saw The Police, with a No.1 entry.

And in 04, ‘Walking In The Sun’, on Independiente,

for Travis, was a Top 20.


In 60, ‘Walking To New Orleans’, on London,

reached No.19, for Fats Domino.

And in 86, ‘Walk Of Life’, was a Top 2,

for Dire Straits, on Vertigo.


In 86, ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’, gave The Bangles,

a US No.1 & UK Top 3, on CBS.

And in 07, ‘Walk This Way’, on Fascination/Island,

for The Sugababes VS Girls Aloud, a No. 1 success.


In 60, The John Barry Seven, on Columbia,

peaked at No.11, with ‘Walk Don’t Run’.

And in 2000, ‘Walking On Water’, on V2,

reached No.14, for Madasun.


In 93, ‘Two Steps Behind’, on Bludgeon Riffolo,

gave Def Leppard, a No.32 say.

And in 96, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark,

on Virgin, made No.17, with ‘Walking On The Milky Way’.


In 67, The Four Tops, had a Top 3,

on Tamla Motown, with ‘Walk Away Renee’.

And in 73, ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, made the Top 10,

for Lou Reed, on RCA.


In 79, ‘Walk On By’, on RCA,

took The Average White Band, to No.46.

And in 81, ‘Steppin Out’, on De-Lite,

for Kool & The Gang, at No.12, ends this mix.


written by Harriet Blackbury


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August 8, 2021



In 79, US group – Kool & The Gang

saw ‘Ladies Night’, on Mercury, fly to No.9.

And in 80, ‘Too Hot’, also on Mercury, made No.23,

with ‘Hangin Out’, again on Mercury, at the No.52 line.


Ending 80, ‘Celebration’, now on De-lite,

reached the US No.1 & UK No.7 slot.

And with the first of fifteen more hits on De-lite,

in 81, ‘Jones v Jones’/’Summer Madness’, made a No.17 trot.


Also in 81, ‘Take It To The Top’, rose to No.15,

and ‘Steppin Out’, found the No.12 line.

Ending 81, ‘Get Down On It’, was in the Top 3. And in 82

‘Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)’, a No.29.


Still in 82, ‘Big Fun’ climbed to No.14,

with ‘Ooh La La La (Let’s Go Dancin)’, at No.6 seen.

Finally in 82, ‘Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho’, peaked at No.29,

and in 83, ‘Straight Ahead’, reached No.15.


In 84, ‘Joanna’/’Tonight’, was a Top 2, and

‘(When You Say You Love Somebody) In The Heart’, a No.7.

And also in 84, arrived ‘Fresh’,

which rose to No.11.


In 85, ‘Misled’, reached No.28,

and ‘Cherish’, climbed into the Top 4.

Ending 85, ‘Emergency’, peaked at No.50,

and in 86, ‘Victory’, now on Club, made a Top 30 score.


In 87, ‘Stone Love’, also on Club, reached No.45,

and in 88, ‘Celebration (Remix)’, on Club, made No.56.

In 91, ‘Get Down On It (Remix)’, on Mercury, a No.69.

In 03, ‘Ladies Night’, by Atomic Kitten ft Kool & The Gang,

on Innocent, at No.8, ends this mix.



Ricky Westfield     1949 – 1985

Claydes Charles Smith     1948 – 2006

Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan)     1951 – 2020

and multi talented, founder member –

Dennis ‘Dee Tee’ Thomas     1951 – 2021


Thank you for the music

( Kool & The Gang were the only US act on the Band Aid single)


written by

Harriet Blackbury.



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August 1, 2021




In 85, ‘The Heat Is On’, for Glenn Frey,

made No.12 on RCA

And in 95, ‘Warm Summer Daze’, gave Vybe,

a Top 60, on Fourth & Broadway.


In 97, Aaliyah, reached the Top 30,

on Atlantic, with ‘Hot Like Fire’.

And in 05, ‘Middle Of Nowhere’, peaked at No.47.

for Hot Hot Heat, on Sire.


In 87, ‘Warm Wet Circles’, rose to No.22,

for Marillion, on EMI.

And in 97, Supergrass, had a Top 10,

on Parlophone, with ‘Sun Hits The Sky’.


In 66, ‘Summer In The City’, a US No.1 on Kama Sutra,

took The Loving Spoonful, to the UK No.8 line.

And in 85, Bryan Adams, on A & M,

peaked at No.42, with ‘Summer Of 69’.


In 81, ‘Hot Love’, on Calibre,

rose to No.22, for Kelly Marie.

And in 99, ‘Sun Is Shining’, a silver seller, on Club Tools,

gave Bob Marley versus FunkStar De Luxe, a Top 3.


In 99, Foxy Brown, reached No.31,

on Def Jam with ‘Hot Spot’.

And in 2010, Inna had a No.6,

on 3Beat, with ‘Hot’.


In 78, John Travolta & Olivia Newton John,

had a No.1, with ‘Summer Nights’, on RSO.

And in 88, Hothouse Flowers, peaked at No.11,

on London, with ‘Don’t Go’.


In 99, ‘Sunshine’, on Go! Beat,

gave Gabrielle, a No.9

And in 04, The Cores, on Atlantic,

made No.6, with ‘Summer Sunshine’.


In 75, ‘Summertime City’, on Epic,

for Mike Batt with The New Edition, made No.4.

And in 94, ‘Hot Love Now’, was a No.19,

for Wonder Stuff, on Polydor.


In 76, ‘Summer Of My Life’, on Pye,

reached No.7, for Simon May.

And in 04, Sam & Mark, on 19/UMTV,

made No.1, with ‘The Sun Has Come Your Way’.


In 93, ‘Suntan’, on Hug label,

was a Top 40 for Stan.

And in 04, ‘Sunshine’, on Island,

made No.58, for The Holiday Plan.


In 80, ‘The Sunshine Of Your Smile’, on Polydor,

gave Mike Berry, a No,9.

And in 89, Eddy Grant, on Blue Wave,

reached No.57, with ‘Walking On Sunshine’.


In 82, ‘Hot In The City’, on Chrysalis,

gave Billy Idol, a No.13 entry.

And in 04, ‘Walking In The Sun’, for Travis,

on Independiente, made the Top 20.


In 81, Kool & The Gang, peaked at No.17,

with ‘Summer Madness’, on De-Lite.

And in 87, Bryan Adams made the Top 50,

on A & M, with ‘Heat Of The Night’.


In 83, ‘Body Work’, climbed to No.19,

for Hot Streak, on Polydor.

And in 02, ‘Hot In Herre’, on Universal,

for Nelly, a US No.1 & UK Top4.


In 92, ‘Warm It Up’, on Ruffhouse,

took Kris Kross, to the No.16 spot.

And in 94, Arrow, on The Hit Label,

peaked at No.38, with ‘Hot Hot Hot’.


In 66, ‘Sunny Afternoon’, on Pye,

saw The Kinks, at No.1 with ease.

And in 74, The Isley Brothers, on Epic,

reached No.16, with ‘Summer Breeze’.


In 82, ‘In The Heat Of The Night’, made No.22,

for Imagination, on R & B.

And in 01, ‘Sunrise’, on Island,

gave Pulp, a No.23.


In 78, ‘Summer Night City’, on Epic,

for Abba, reached the Top 5 line.

And in 81, Bad Manners, on Magnet,

had a Top 10, with ‘Walking In The Sunshine’.


In 82, ‘Heat Of The Moment’, on Geffen,

gave Asia, a No.46.

And in 99, ‘Summertime Of Our Lives’,

a Top 5, for A1 on Columbia, ending this mix.



by Harriet Blackbury.




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July 30, 2021



In 66, ‘Going To A Go-Go’, on Tamla Motown.

gave The Miracles a No.44.

And in 79, ‘Dance Away’, was a gold selling No.2,

for Roxy Music, on Polydor.


In 70, ‘Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy’, on Stateside,

gave The Tams, a No.32.

And in 71, The Velvelettes made No.34, on Tamla Motown,

with ‘These Things Will Keep Me Loving You’.


In 71, ‘I’m Gonna Run Away From You’, on Mojo,

gave Tami Lynn, a Top 4 stay.

And in 75, ‘Out On The Floor’, on Black Magic,

reached No.42, for Dobie Gray.


In 73, Gilbert O’Sullivan, on MAM,

was at No.6 with ‘Why Oh Why Oh Why’.

And in 76, ‘I’m Your Puppet’, on Mercury,

peaked at No.12, for James & Bobby Purify.


In 71, The Elgins reached No.28, on Tamla Motown,

with ‘Put Yourself In My Place’.

And in 74, ‘The Night Chicago Died’, on Bus Stop,

was a US No.1 & UK Top 3, for Paper Lace.


In 65, ‘Long After Tonight Is All Over’, was a Top 40,

for Jimmy Radcliffe, on Stateside.

And in 70, ‘Just A Little Misunderstanding’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Contours, a No.31 ride.


In 76, ‘Take It To The Limit’, on Asylum,

gave The Eagles a No.12 success.

And in 78, ‘September’, was a Top 3,

for Earth Wind & Fire, on CBS.


In 72, The Supremes has a Top 10, on Tamla Motown,

with ‘Automatically Sunshine’.

And in 76, Lou Rawls on Philadelphia International,was

a No.10, with ‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine’.


In 71, The Temptations, on Tamla Motown, had a US No.1 &

UK 8, with ‘Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)’.

And In 73, ‘Wishing Well’, on Island,

was a Top 7, for Free.


In 67, Arthur Conley, peaked at No.7,

on Atlantic, with ‘Sweet Soul Music’.

And in 94, ‘Born In The Guetto’, made No.72,

for Funky Poets, on Epic.


In 64, ‘Baby I Need Your Lovin’, on Parlophone,

gave The Fourmost, a No.24.

And in 69, Stevie Wonder, on Tamla Motown,

had a Top 4, with ‘My Cherie Amour’.


by Harriet Blackbury




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July 29, 2021



With their first 15 hit singles all on Warner Brothers,

in 83, ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’, reached No.61.

Also in 83, ‘Sharp Dressed Man’,

at No.53, followed on.


Next, in 84 came, ‘TV Dinners’ at No.67,

and ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’, re-appeared at No.10,

with ‘Sharp Dressed Man’, at No.22

back in the charts again.


In 85, ‘Legs’, peaked at No.16,

with ‘Summer Holiday (EP)’, waving a No.51 flag.

And ending 85, climbing to No.27,

came their 8th hit, ‘Sleeping Bag’.


In 86, ‘Stages’, reached No.43,

followed by ‘Rough Boy’, making a No.23 high.

And ending 86, peaking at No.54,

was Velcro Fly.


In 90, ‘Doubleback’, made No.29,

And in 91, ‘My Head’s in Mississipi’ hit No.37.

In 92, ‘Viva Las Vegas’, was a Top 10,

and also in 92, at No.49, came ‘Rough Boy’ again.


In 94, ‘Pincushion’, rose to No.15,

with ZZ TOP now on RCA.

And also in 94, peaking at No.60,

was ‘Breakaway’.


In 96, ‘What’s Up With That’, made No.58,

ending their run on RCA.

And in 99, ‘Gimme All Your Lovin 2000’, on Riverhorse,

for Martay feat ZZ Top, a No.28 play.



Dusty Hill    1949 – 2021

Thank You for 50+ years of music.


written by Harriet Blackbury



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June 15, 2021



In 58,  Shirley Bassey, on Philips,

took ‘Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me’, to No.3.

And in 76, Brotherhood Of Man, had a platinum, 6 wk No.1,

on Pye, with ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’.


In 86, ‘French Kissin’, in the USA’, on Chrysalis,

for Debbie Harry, had a No.8 appeal.

And in 94, ‘Kiss From A Rose’, on ZTT Zang,

was a Top 4 for Seal.


In 82, ‘It Started With A Kiss’, on Rak,

gave Hot Chocolate, a Top 5.

And in 99, ‘Your Kisses Are Charity’, on Virgin,

at No.25, for Culture Club, did arrive.


In 76, ‘Kiss And Say Goodbye’, a US No.1 & UK No 4,

for The Manhattans, on CBS.

And in 02, ‘Kiss Kiss’, on London,

gave Holly Valance, a No.1 success.


In 04, ‘French Kisses’, on Virgin,

for Jentina, made the Top 20.

And also in 04, ‘Kiss On The Lips’, on Galley Music,

for The Dualers, a No.21 entry.


In 56, ‘Kiss Me Another’, reached No.24,

for Georgia Gibbs, on Mercury.

And in 83, ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’, on Chrysalis,

reached No.7, for Fun Boy Three.


In 63, ‘Kiss Me Quick’, peaked at No.14,

for Elvis Presley & The Jordanaires, on RCA.

And in 88, The Art Of Noise feat.Tom Jones,

with ‘Kiss’, on China, was a Top 5 play.


In 88, ‘Kissing A Fool’, on Epic,

gave George Michael, a No.18 view.

And in 96, Total, on Arista,

reached No.29, with ‘Kissin’ You’.


In 74, ‘Kissin In The Back Row Of The Movies’,

gave The Drifters, a Top 2, on Bell.

And in 88, Bryan Ferry, on Virgin,

rose to No.41 with ‘Kiss & Tell’.


In 06, The Pipettes, on Memphis Industries,

made No.35, with ‘Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me’.

And in 80, ‘Kiss On My List’, on RCA,

gave Daryl Hall & John Oats, a US No.1 & UK No.33.


In 99, ‘Kiss Me’, on Elektra,

for Sixpence None The Richer, made No.4.

And in 07, ‘Kiss You Off’, reached No.43,

for The Scissor Sisters, on Polydor.


In 86, George Benson, on Warner Brothers,

made No.60, with ‘Kisses In The Moonlight’.

And in 89, Neneh Cherry, on Circa,

saw ‘Kisses On The Wind’, soar to the Top 20 height.


In 90, ‘Kissing Gate’, on A & M,

for Sam Brown, rose to No.23.

And in 91, ‘Kiss Like Ether’, on Island,

gave Claudia Brucken, a No.63.


In 86, ‘Kiss’, for Prince and The Revolution,

on Paisley Park, was a US No.1 & UK No.6.

And in 93, ‘Kiss Of Life’, on Epic,

at No.44, for Sade, ends this mix.




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