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November 5, 2020



With their first of fifteen hits on RCA,

in 71, The Sweet took ‘Funny Funny’ to No.13.

Also in 71, ‘Co – Co’, reached the Top 2,

and Alexander Graham Bell, made the No.33 scene.


In 72, ‘Poppa Joe’ climbed to No.11,

followed by ‘Little Willie’, with a No.4 won.

Also in 72, ‘Wig-Wam Bam’, made No.4,

and in 73, ‘Blockbuster’, enjoyed five weeks at No.1.


Still in 73, ‘Hell Raiser’, reached No.2,

and ‘The Ballroom Blitz’, also a Top 2.

In 74, ‘Teenage Rampage’, yet another Top 2,

with ‘The Six Teens’, at No.9, on view.


Ending 74, ‘Turn It Down’ peaked at No.41,

and in 75, ‘Fox On The Run’ made a No.2 cry.

Also in 75, ‘Action’ peaked at No.15,

and in 76, ‘Lies In Your Eyes’, a No.35 high.


In 78, ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’, at No.9,

was their first hit on Polydor.

And in 85, ‘It’s…It’s… The Sweet Mix’,

on Anagram, made a No.45 score.



Brian Connolly     1945 – 1997

Mick Tucker     1947 – 2002

Steve Priest     1948 – 2020

Thank You for the music


written by Harriet Blackbury


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With all but one of their hits on Parlophone, in 94

‘Caught By The Fuzz’, at No.43, their first chart entry.

Followed in 95, by ‘Mansize Rooster’,

which climbed into the Top 20.


Also in 95, ‘Lose It’, on Sub Pop, made No.75,

and ‘Lenny’, back on Parlophone, had a Top 10 shout.

With ‘Alright’/’Time’, their last hit of 95 – a No.2,

and in 96, in the Top 5, was ‘Going Out’.


In 97, three more hits followed,

with ‘Richard 111’, claiming a Top 2 play.

Then ‘Sun Hits The Sky’, a Top 10,

and at No.18, came ‘Late In The Day’.


In 99, ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’, made No 11,

with ‘Moving’ at No.9, the next to arrive.

And ending 99, ‘Mary’ reached No.36,

and in 02,’Never Done Nothing Like That Before’, a No.75.


Also in 02, ‘Grace’ peaked at No.13,

and in 03, ‘Seen The Light’, rose to No.22.

In 04, ‘Kiss Of Life’ made No.23,

and in 05, ‘St Petersburg’, also a No.22.


Still in 05, reaching No.52, came ‘Low C’,

and in 08, ‘Bad Blood’ peaked at No.73.

Ending this run of chart hits,

for Supergrass, covering a fourteen year spree.


written by  Harriet Blackbury



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October 21, 2020



With their first of nine hits on Fontana,

in 64, ‘I Can’t Stand It’ made a No.47 score.

Followed in 65, by ‘Every Little Hurts’, at No.41,

and ‘Strong Love’, reaching No.44.


Ending 65, ‘Keep On Running’

became their first UK No.1.

And in 66, ‘Somebody Help Me’, also a No.1,

before ‘When I Come Home’,  a No.12, won.


Finally in 66, ‘Gimme Some Lovin’, rose to No.2,

and opening 67, ‘I’m A Man’, peaked at No.9.

Also in 67, (their last hit on Fontana) –

‘Time Seller’, reached the Top 30 line .


In 68, on United Artists,

‘Mr Second Class’, made No.35.

And in 08, ‘I’m A Man’, now on Island,

at No.54, their last chart entry to arrive.


R.I.P.   Spencer Davis  1939 – 2020

Thank you for the music


written by Harriet Blackbury



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October 7, 2020



In 80, ‘Runnin With The Devil’ –

their first of twelve UK chart entries loved true.

(all coming on the Warner Brothers label),

and reaching No.52.


In 84, ‘Jump’, leapt to No.7,

and was a US. No.1 hit.

Also in 84, ‘Panama’, reached No.61.

And in 86, ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’, a No.8 fit.


Next in 86, came Dreams’,

peaking at No.62.

And in 88, ‘When it’s Love’,

claimed a No.28 view.


In 89, ‘Feels So Good’, reached No.63,

followed in 91, by ‘Poundcake’, at No.74.

Also in 91, ‘Top Of The World’,

another single, settling at the No.63 door.


In 93, ‘(Jump) Live’, rose to No.26.

And in 95, making No.27, was ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

Also in 95, ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’, appeared,

being their last chart entry, reaching No.33.


Thank You for the music.

R. I. P.   Eddie Van Halen  1955 – 2020


Written by Harriet Blackbury.


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September 28, 2020





In 79, US group – Kool & The Gang

saw ‘Ladies Night’, on Mercury, fly to No.9.

And in 80, ‘Too Hot’, also on Mercury, made No.23,

with ‘Hangin’ Out’, on Mercury, at the No.52 line.


Ending 80, ‘Celebration’, now on De-lite,

reached the US No.1 and UK No.7 slot.

And with the first of fifteen more hits on De-lite,

in 81,’Jones v Jones’/’Summer Madness’, a No.17 trot.


Also in 81, ‘Take It To The Top’, rose to No.15,

and ‘Steppin Out’, found the No.12 line.

Ending 81,‘Get Down On It’, was in the Top 3. And in 82

‘Take My Heart (You can have it if you want it)’ a No.29.


Still in 82, ‘Big Fun’, climbed to No.14,

with ‘Ooh La La La (Let’s Go Dancin)’, at No.6 seen.

Ending 82, ‘Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho’, peaked at No.29,

and in 83, ‘Straight Ahead’, reached No.15.


In 84, ‘Joanna’/’Tonight”, was a Top 2, and

‘(When You Say You Love Somebody)In The Heart’, a No.7

And finally in 84, arrived ‘Fresh’,

which eventually peaked at No.11.


In 85, ‘Misled’, reached No.28,

and ‘Cherish’, climbed into the Top 4.

Ending 85, ‘Emergency’ peaked at No.50,

and in 86, ‘Victory’, now on Club, made a Top 30 score.


In 87, ‘Stone Love’, also on Club, reached No.45.

And in 88, ‘Celebration (Remix)’, on Club, made No.56.

In 91,’Get Down On It (Remix)’, on Mercury, a No.69.

And in 03,’Ladies Night’ ftrg Atomic Kitten, on Innocent, at No.8, ends this mix.



Ricky Westfield     1949 – 1985

Claydes Charles Smith     1948 – 2006

Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan)     1951 – 2020

Thank You for the music.


Written by Harriet Blackbury

(usual copyright rules apply)

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July 13, 2020





In 05, ‘Nine Million Bicycles’, was a Top 5,

for Katie Melua, on Dramatico.

And in 08, ‘Nine In The Afternoon’, on Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen,

made No.13, for Panic! At The Disco.


In 74, ‘977’, reached No.66,

for The Pretenders, on Wea.

And in 80, ‘9 To 5’, on EMI, for Sheena Easton,

a gold-selling US.No.1 & UK.Top 3.


In 88, Londonbeat, on AnXious,

made No.19, with ‘9 A.M. (The Comfort Zone)’.

And in 01, ’19-2000′, reached No.6,

for Gorillaz, on Parlophone.


In 97  ‘Nine Ways’, on ffrr,

took JDS to No.47.

And in 99, ‘1999’, on Positiva

saw Binary Finary peak at No.11.


In 60, ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’, on Columbia,

took Cliff Richard & The Shadows to No.3.

And in 04, ’99 Problems’/’Dirt On Your Shoulder’,

on Roc-A-Fella, peaked at No.12, for Jay-Z.


In 84, ’99 Red Balloons’, a gold-seller, on Epic,

for Nena, arrived at the No.1 door.

And in 07, ‘1973’, on Atlantic,

gave James Blunt, a Top 4.


In 83, ‘1999’, on Warner Brothers,

made the Top 2 for Prince & The Revolution.

And in 85, ’19’, on Chrysalis,

gave Paul Hardcastle a gold-selling No.1.


In 67, Keith, on Mercury,

made No.24 with ‘98.6’.

And in 92, ‘99.9o F’, on A & M,

for Suzanne Vega, peaked at No.46.


In 85, ‘N-N-Nineteen Not Out’, on Oval,

took The Commentators to No.13.

And in 90, ’96 Tears’, on Epic,

for The Stranglers. made No.17.


In 95, ‘Nineteen 63’, on London,

saw New Order, at No.21.

And in 96, ‘1979’, on Virgin, rose to No.16,

for The Smashing Pumpkins, now this mix is done.






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July 12, 2020





In 64,’Hold Me’, on Decca

gave P J Proby a Top 3.

And in 02, 3SL rose to No.16,

on Epic with ‘Touch Me, Tease me’.


In 77, ‘Too Hot To Handle’/’Slip Your Disc To This.’

gave Heatwave, a No.15 on GTO.

And in 97, Grace, peaked at No.38

with ‘Hand In Hand’, on Perfecto.


In 84, ‘Touch By Touch’, on Capitol,

for Diana Ross climbed to No.47.

And in 94, ‘Hold Me  Thrill Me  Kiss me’,

on Epic, gave Gloria Estefan a No.11.


In 89, ‘Hand On Your Heart’, on PWL,

gave Kylie Minogue, a gold-selling No.1 entry.

And in 95, ‘Holding On To You’, on Columbia,

for Terence Trent D’arby, made the Top 20.


In 73, ‘Feel The Need In Me’, on Janus,

gave The Detroit Emeralds a No.4.

And in 91, ‘Touch Me (All Night Long)’,

for Cathy Dennis, a Top 5, on Polydor.


In 96, ‘Take Me To Heaven’, on Systematic,

reached No.15, for Baby D.

And in 07, Robyn peaked at No.17,

on Konichiwa, with ‘Handle Me’.


In 94, ‘Feel What You Want’, on Champion,

gave  Kristine W, a No.33.

And in 01, ‘Feel So Good’, on Virgin,

made the Top 5, for Melanie B.


In 78, ‘A Touch Of Velvet A Sting Of Brass’, on Casino Classics,

made the Top 60, for The Ron Grainer Orchestra.

And in 99, ‘A Touch Of Love’, on Wea,

reached No.24, for Cleopatra.


In 89, Rick Astley, made the Top 10,

with ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’, on RCA.

And in 08, ‘Touch My Body’, on Def Jam,

gave Mariah Carey, a US.No1 & UK.Top 5 play.


In 69, Tom Jones, made No.9,

on Decca, with ‘Love Me Tonight’.

And in 95, East 17, peaked at No.12,

on London, with ‘Hold My Body Tight’.


In 73, ‘Touch Me In The Morning’, on Tamla Motown,

gave Diana Ross, a US.No1 & UK.No.9 score.

And in 83, ‘Hold Me Now’, on Arista,

gave The Thompson Twins, a gold-selling Top 4.


In 05, ‘Hold You Down’, on Epic,

for Jennifer Lopez featuring Fat Joe, made No.6.

And also in 05, ‘Feel The Vibe (Til The Morning Comes)’,

at No.16, on Data, for Axwell, ends this list.






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April 28, 2020





‘Times They Are A-Changin’ &’ Subterranean Homesick

Blues’ – (the first two of sixteen UK chart hits, on CBS),

 for Robert Zimmerman, known as Bob Dylan,

in 65, both at No.9, hot off the press.


Still in 65, ‘Maggie’s Farm’ followed, peaking at No.22,

with ‘Like A Rollong Stone’ & ‘Positively Fourth Street’ –

reaching No.4 & No.8 consecutively, ending 65,

as 66, turned up the heat.


‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’, made No.17,

and ‘One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)’, at No.33.

Next came ‘Rainy Day Women Nos.12 & 35’,rising to No.7,

and closing 66, ‘I Want You’, a No.16 hit, was to be.


In 69, ‘I Threw It All Away’, a Top 30,

and ‘Lay Lady Lay’ – a Top 5.

In 71,’Watching The River Flow’, peaked at No.24,

and in 73,’Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ at No.14, did arrive.


In 76, ‘Hurricane’, reached No.43,

and in 78, ‘Baby Stop Crying’, peaked at No.13.

Also in 78, ‘Is Your Love In Vain’, made No.56 –

being his last hit on CBS seen.


In 95, now on Columbia,

‘Dignity’, claimed a No.33 slot.

And in 98, ‘Love Sick’, peaked at No.64,

and in 2000,’Things Have To Change’ made a No.58 spot.


In 07, ‘Most Likely You Go Your Way’,

reached No.51, for this beloved man.

And in 2010, ‘Must Be Santa’,

rose to No.41, as another decade began.



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April 27, 2020





In 80, ‘Dance Yourself Dizzy’, reached No.2,

for Liquid Gold, on Polo.

And in 88, ‘Running All Over The World’, made No.17,

for Status Quo, on Vertigo.


In 82, ‘The Clapping Song’, on Stiff,

gave The Belle Stars a No.11.

And in 96, ‘Keep On, Keepin’ on’, on East West,

gave MC Lyte featuring Xscape, a No.27.


In 65, The Spencer Davis Group, on Fontana,

saw ‘Keep On Running’, make the No.1 line.

And in 95, ‘Running Around Town’, on Magnet,

gave Billie Ray Martin, a No.29.


In 71, ‘Run Baby Run’, on London,

for The Newbeats, reached the Top 10.

And in 92, ‘Keep On Walkin’, on A & M,

for Ce Ce Peniston, also made the Top 10.


In 82, ‘Run To The Hills’, on EMI,

for Iron Maiden, peaked at No.7

And in 04, ‘Pump It Up’, on Data,

gave Danzel a No.11.


In 90, Delamitri, made No 36,

on A & M, with ‘Move Away Jimmy Blue’.

And in 05, ‘Pump Up The Jam’, on Data,

for Dons Featuring Technotronic, reached No.22.


In 85, ‘Running Up The Hill’, on EMI,

climbed to the Top 3, for Kate Bush.

And in 91, Paula Abdul, made No.6,

on Virgin America, with ‘Rush Rush’.


In 89, Tyree Featuring JMD, rose to No.72,

with ‘Move Your Body’, on CBS.

And also in 89, ‘Express Yourself’, on Sire,

gave Madonna, a Top 5 success.



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April 24, 2020





In 82,’ Mama Used To Say’, on Mercury,

gave Junior a No.7.

And in 88, ‘Father Figure’, on Epic,

for George Michael, reached No.11.


In 72, Paul Simon, made the Top 5,

with ‘Mother & Child Reunion’, on CBS.

And in 81, ‘Daddy’s Home’, on EMI,

for Cliff Richard, a gold-selling Top 2 success.


In 74, ‘Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle’, on Warner Brothers,

gave The Electric Light Orchestra, a No.22.

And in 09, Pixie Lott, made No.1,

on Mercury, with ‘Mama Do’.


In 73, ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’, on Tamla Motown,

gave The Temptations, a US No.1 & UK No.14 play.

And in 68, Mama Cass, reached No.11,

with ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’, on RCA.


In 80, ‘Mama’s Boy’, on RAK,

for Suzi Quatro, rose to No.34.

And in 95, Boyzone, had a multiple-platinum No.2,

with ‘Father And Son’, on Polydor.


In 72, Sweet, reached No.11,

with ‘Poppa Joe’, on RCA.

And in 98, ‘Father’, on Def Jam,

was a Top 10, for LL Cool J.


In 54, ‘Papa Loves Mambo’, on HMV,

was a No.16, for Perry Como.

And in 96, Metallica, peaked at No.19,

with ‘Mama Said’, on Vertigo.


In 70, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’, on Stateside,

gave Three Dog Night, a US No.1 & UK Top 3.

And in 08, N-Dubz climbed to No.19,

on All Around The World, with ‘Papa Can You Hear Me’.


In 72, ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’,

gave Slade, a No.1 on Polydor.

And in 97, ‘Mum’s Gone To Iceland’, on Roadrunner,

for Bennett, reached No.34.


In 53, Diana Decker, made the Top 2,

on Columbia, with ‘Poppa Piccolino’.

And in 08, Wideboys Featuring Shaznay Lewis,

on All Around The World, rose to No.8, with ‘Daddy O’.


In 75, ‘Mama Never Told Me’, on Atlantic,

for Sister Sledge (their first UK hit), made No.20.

And in 92, ‘Mother Dawn’, on Big Life,

for Blue Pearl, was a Top 50 entry.


In 72, ‘Mother Of Mine’, on Decca,

saw Neil Reid, with the Top 2 won.

And in 86, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, on Sire,

gave Madonna, a gold-selling US & UK No.1.


In 90, ‘Mother Universe’, on Big Life,

gave The Soup Dragons, a No.26.

And in 94, ‘Mama Said’, on Circa,

for Carleen Anderson, also made No.26.


In 92, ‘Father’, on Island,

gave The Christians, a No.55.

And in 05, ‘Gasolina’, on Machete,

gave Daddy Yankee, a Top 5.


In 66, The Mamas & The Papas, peaked at No.11,

with ‘I Saw Her Again’, on RCA.

And in 06, ‘Father And Daughter’, on Warner Brothers,

gave Paul Simon, a No.31 stay.


In 77, ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, on EMI,

reached No.31, for Queen.

And in 84, ‘Mother’s Talk’, on Mercury,

gave Tears For Fears, a No.14.


In 54, Eddie Fisher, had a US No.1 & UK No.9,

with ‘Oh My Papa’, on HMV.

And in 73, ‘Hey Mama’, on Ammo,

gave Joe Brown, a No.33.


In 65, ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’, on London,

made No.25, for James Brown & The Famous Flames.

And in 97, ‘Mama’/’Who Do You Think You Are’, on Virgin,

saw The Spice Girls, with multiple-platinum, No.1 claims.


In 04, ‘Hey Mama’,  on A & M,

gave The Black Eyed Peas, a No.6 score.

And also in 04, ‘Hey Papa!’, on EMI,

for Alex Cartana, peaked at No.34.


In 76, ‘Daddy Cool’, on Atlantic,

for Boney M (their first UK hit) made No.6.

And in 02, ‘Mother’, on Serious,

for M Factor, at No.18, ends this parental mix.


Written by

Harriet Blackbury.





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