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December 1, 2013



A done deal,

a shake of the hands.

A promise as airtight

as vapour.

Means nothing in law,

nor is recognised,

unless it is written

on paper.





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October 15, 2013



What good would it do

to enter a sphere,

to invade a space,

to interfere?


Whoever would attempt

to get too near,

to invade a world,

to maliciously appear?


Why would one lose

what one holds dear,

without a fight, and a

strong word in an ear.





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October 11, 2013



Her work is her touchstone

keeping her sane.

The enemy within

released from her brain.


Let there be charlatans

who would steal her refrain –

In exile forever,

they would remain.



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September 17, 2013



When influence

meets common sense,

a bargain can be struck.


But when insolence

meets hard defence,

be sure, you are out luck.



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August 16, 2013



Her little band of supporters

who once came and went in droves-

All sucked in by her genius

who ate her fresh mangoes.


Her little band of takers

all lapped up her kudos

in their world of social climbing,

Alas, her perception was their loss.


She analysed their good intentions

and squeezed them like a wrench.

She saw through every charlatan

with both fists in a clench.


Her little band of helpers

are now but a trusted few.

For when her cupboards grew bare,

the rest vanished into the blue.




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August 9, 2013



A change of plans

And shake of hands

A deal struck overnight.


Scrambled wavebands

Enforced remands

Alas, not whiter than white.


Through rushed demands

Evidence in strands

A blast of dynamite


Emerging from quick sands

To far off lands

On an escapologist flight.


A change of plans

And shake of hands

A new world of sunlight.




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February 26, 2013



It began as no more than an inkling,

a co-incidence, a random chance, but

then it started to occur more regularly,

and at each other, they all would glance.


The changes had been disguised subtly,

and slipped in, so as not to be seen,

and then others recognised the similarities,

commenting on what they saw on screen!


Each line copied was being recorded,

which the thieves clearly failed to see,

and with evidence mounting daily,

a clear cut case this was going to be.




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February 12, 2013



Where there’s an element of uncertainty,

even with the benefit of the doubt, that

still gnaws away in your mind, like a

nagging ache, before a tooth comes out.


Then it is time to trust in your instincts

which have rarely let you down before, and

put the necessary wheels into motion, in

order to forever close that half open door.




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February 11, 2013



Percoughalees discovered this

evening that his visit to Venice had

been re-inacted, as if in a dream, and

so decided the time was now ripe,

to investigate, in the extreme.




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February 10, 2013



She told him ‘off the record’

what he really didn’t need to know.

And whilst this was vital information,

his hand, he did not show.


She should have minded her own business.

The little minx should have left well alone,

for there will be a day of retribution, as

whistle-blowers seldom hear triumphant

trumpets blown.


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