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July 27, 2014



Rescue him,

by all means do.

Give him food and shelter

to start life anew.


But in your quest

for his safe protection,

don’t mistake entrapment

for affection.


Never tether him for

he needs his space,

to romp and graze

and run and race.


He’ll need to be clipped

from time to time,

to free his coat

of dirt and grime.


And a pedicure

won’t go amiss,

and an ear inspection

along with this.


Rescue him,

by all means do,

but food and drink alone,

won’t get him through.


And to limit his lust

in a free for all;

the price of castration,

very small.


Unwanted litters

more heartache make.

Prevention a cure,

for goodness sake!


Also have him trained

and in time you’ll find,

he’ll forget the anguish

in his mind.


And the rotten start

that he endured,

will be gone at last,

as he feels reassured.


Rescue him,

by all means do,

but remember he needs

his freedom too.


He won’t stray far

from your side,

once the bond is built,

and trust onside.


Your pal for life,

he’ll want to be.

Tenfold he’ll return

the love, shown to he.


‘Better than humans’,

old sages say,

when no other love

has come their way.


And there’s truth in that

when a match is found.

So go find yourself

a scraggy hound.


Rescue him,

by all means do,

but let sense prevail

or he’ll still feel blue.








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