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August 19, 2015



I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

No thought for what the

future had in store.


Where signs – what signs?


No clues were there in sight!

So blindly treading, crazily barefoot,

I reached the cliff not long

after midnight,


And for a moment thought

that I might stay.

til sense prevailed

and took me on my way.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

I sensed the waters ebb

at the seashore.


Where beach – what beach?


No sand was there in sight!

Just harsh shale underfoot,

that glinted back, defiant

at moonlight,


and called me down to where

the flotsam lay,

amongst the tangled seaweed,

near to a polystyrene tray


containing fast-food supper remains,

where seagulls gathered squawking

– half out of their brains.


I wept and then I stopped

and wept no more.

The sea, now not an option

to explore.


Where Ship – what ship?


No ship was there in sight.

With Tilbury long forgotten,

it was heading out to sea,

alas, with one seaman light!


As never destined back was I;

my life now, not worth a dime.

The waiting gallows beckoned,

and I must pay my crime.







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