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June 22, 2016



Gone are the years of boom and bust,

and maxed-out cards and much distrust.


And on reflection these ‘Cameron’ years,

on the whole have eased, our many fears.


The economy now is so much stronger.

Ok – Hands up – it has taken longer.


But no euro change in your pockets jingling.

A sterling job, kept our hearts singing.


Why step into – a huge abyss?

Why de-rail now, I ask you this?


Let’s finish off, the job we started.

Why walk away, as if half hearted?


Gone are the years of gloom and doom.

The future certain – let’s not presume?


Two Party Leaders – with the same voice!

Let’s build on that – Rejoice, Rejoice.


Now not much time, so best be quick.

In the right box, just place your tick.


And join Branson, Brady and Beckham too,

and Soames and Sugar, and Amber’s view.


Though always to yourself be true,

and tick the box that best suits you.


But I’m sure, on balance, you will be glad,

ticking the same box, as Boris’s Dad!





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