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February 26, 2012


She suddenly saw him across the room.

The man with whom she’d once had a steamy affair.

She remembered how he’d tied her to the bed,

As she abandoned every care.


Now wasn’t the moment to approach him,

They were both in another space and time

But their eyes locked in total memory,

Recalling what was then quite sublime.


Her whole body seemed to tingle,

 And her head, it felt quite light.

A bright flush of redness came to her cheeks,

As she thought of that wonderful night.


A few minutes later he walked to the door.

It was impossible for either to speak.

He turned back to look at her one last time,

And suddenly her knees went quite weak.


Thank goodness that moment was over.

Thank goodness that the sun once shone.

It is all part of life’s rich tapestry.

But she couldn’t help wonder where he’d gone!


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