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April 27, 2014



He took himself to a quiet place,

where twigs and leaves had claimed the space,

and settled on the sodden land,

once green with life, in every strand.


He needed time to be alone

and perched upon a staddlestone.

Then looking down to the valley floor,

dwelled on what might now, be in store?


He sat in peace, as night-time reared.

An owl hooted, then disappeared,

and pigeons coo’d their distinctive chant

from sinister branches, sounding triumph-ant.


He knew that changes were forthcoming,

and felt comforted, by nightingales humming.

These precious moments seemed to lift his mood;

his mind re-nourished, from natures brood.


And as another call came on his restless phone,

he decided this spot, he would call his own.

He then stood to leave, saying a silent goodbye,

as bats dived this way and that, in silent reply.


And around his feet, rabbits ran amok:

In only that short time, he had taken stock,

and compacted files in his confused head,

and most of his demons, he had put to bed!





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