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January 31, 2016



Dear life forever captured in sweet song;

a back-catalogue, housing DNA so strong.

Each opening bar a chapter to recall;

a moment of magic when we had it all.


And songs that to this day bring forth a tear,

when heady times of madness knew no fear.

And sense not at the forefront of the mind,

and people hurt when we were less than kind.


A song around when we, reached for the sky;

a song about a train – a sad goodbye.

A melody that haunts our very brain,

still set on ‘replay’, driving us insane.


A tune that opened up a new adventure;

sowing wild oats, where only fools would venture.

An artist we chose to get us in the mood,

an idol became, and then to us, life’s food.


A song that still sends shivers down the spine.

Oh happy days when love was so divine.

When we all, still in the first flush of our youth,

were innocent, trusting, but naïve in truth.


And as we grew, more important was the verse,

depicting all life’s blows, and journey’s curse.

When heartache the main order of the day,

that bless-ed pain, was never far away.


Then we chose songs to lull us back to life,

as cherished years, long gone –  the sacrifice.

We kidded ourselves the past was truly dead,

though that piercing high-note, still inside the head.


Whether Rock or Pop, or Gospel songs with chants.

or soft lullaby’s the loving breast implants.

From birth to death, life much richer for,

the sound of music, at our very core.



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