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May 10, 2016



Well known the path

from A to B,

where once more I

transported he


on country roads

in driving snow,

and then the bend

so many know,


to be the killer

of young and old,

as in a ditch

the story told.


Where tyre tracks

showed clear the slide,

and then the Mini

on it’s side!


So still the moment;

hearts beating fast,

wide-eyed, alighting,

and aghast.


too scared to look,

but look we did,

through shattered glass,

where snow now hid,


a picture unclear

at break of day;

A train to catch –

melting away.


Relief at finding

occupants long gone.

In measured haste

we carried on


in silence as

we’d done before;

heartache of parting

still in store.


But thoughts now

of a different kind

eclipsing what was

on our mind.


And though my heart

for him did yearn,

my thoughts now on

my safe return,


through blinding snow

of purest white;

hands gripping wheel

with all my might.


And then his call

before his flight,

re-assuring me

he was alright,


though he had found

the onward ride defeating,

as it was the mail train,

without bloody heating!


And so off he flew

for another four month spell;

our lives far from perfect,

but separation – hell. 


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