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October 18, 2014



Out of making the best

of a time of despair,

came riches untold

when raw love left to share.


And though some thought boredom

would surely strike;

none of it, they found,

for they were both alike.


And managed quite well

their new situation;

adjusting in no time

without any complication,


into an easier routine,

where irony caused fun

and things, once important,

disappeared with the sun.


Leaving them to focus

on the bones of the matter,

during walks in the park

and a good in-depth chatter.


Having no-one to report to

or actions to explain,

was worth every penny

lost down the drain.


For in finding freedom to be

who they wanted to be,

turned into a gift,

from life’s ‘giving tree’,


And when stripped bare of assets

they then could see light;

thanking god that the clutter

at last, gone from sight.


With possessions all slung out,

along with the dust pan;

clearing the way for a future,

that was never in the plan. 




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