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February 28, 2014



I see sadness fall upon you

like a gossamer shroud.

I know to keep my distance

and not raise my voice too loud.


I let you have your moment

in the world that might have been.

Acknowledging all the trauma

of a future never seen.


I hang around in case you need me,

( and invariably, you do.)

until the sadness that surrounds you

melts away like morning dew.


The mood swings come without warning.

I guess it’s just natures way.

We all often feel their presence

at some point of the day.


It’s just knowing how to cope,

and which way to turn the key.

There isn’t any set pattern,

to the length of time, that sad you be.


 (Sadness can hit us all like a boulder,

when we hear a line from a song,

that takes us back to the time,

we have cherished all life long.)


No words are ever needed,

for eyes say, ‘I understand’,

and the offer is accepted,

of a welcome, outstretched hand.












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