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March 20, 2012


It really was quite ridiculous,

A sort of summer madness indeed.

It started with idle chatter,

But oh, how her eyes did plead.


He knew he was onto a good thing

And never even stopped to think,

Where in the end this would all lead

A thirsty dog never refuses a drink!


Before he knew it, he was in too deep.

Oh, what a mess it had all become.

He didn’t know which way to turn

When she said she was to become a mum!


He didn’t need this aggravation

And was the child really his own?

His children were now all grown up

And from the nest, they’d recently flown.


His wife, she would go quite mental.

He contemplated suicide.

His car might have been a love-boat

But he now surfed a very high tide.


How could it all have happened?

How could he have been so weak?

Everything in his life had been perfect,

And his career, it was at a peak.


It was a moment of insanity,

A very common human error.

He decided that night to tell his wife,

Though the thought of it filled him with terror.





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