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August 17, 2018


They both arrived on cue,

each one wagging their tail –

though that’s not strictly true,

for they’d come by British Rail,


as no Virgin trains on the platform

to be mounted for the ride,

they had taken the escalator

to the other side.


and waited for an ‘Inter City’

recommended by their cat,

who had now become a home-bird,

because of this and that,


and who’s travelling days were over

and who wisely took the view,

to step aside and let the youngsters

do  what youngster do !


The next train at the platform

they decided wouldn’t do,

as their cat had strictly told them

that all journeys end at Crewe.


So with tails between their legs –

though that’s not strictly true,

they went down another escalator,

wondering what to do.


No Porter on this platform,

though one across the track,

who just completely ‘blanked’ them,

as he loaded a mail sack,


so with frustration building,

they sat down for a while,

and decided to ring their cat,

who, of course, was on speed-dial.


But their cat by now had settled,

and was in the land of nod,

so back up the steps they trundled,

and said  ‘ain’t life a sod ?’


But just then, to the rescue,

came magically into view –

the delayed train they had wanted,

and their excitement grew,


and then with both tails wagging –

if only that was true!

they took their waiting seats

and then the whistle blew.


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