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July 31, 2012



It’s on days like today Mother dear,

that we long to see you again.

But alas, all we have are memories,

a mixture of smiles and sorrow and pain.


It’s on days like today we remember

the good times and many there were.

When, so complete as a family,

we lived life without a care.


It’s on days like today we are grateful,

that through fairness, you kept us as one.

There was no sibling rivalry ever

and that matters so much now you’re gone.


It’s on days like today, more than others

we give thanks Mum, in so many ways

For the fine example you set us, and

your encouragement and your praise.


It’s on days like today you are with us,

Still around and making us smile.

And so it will be forever, you know

Each and every step of life’s mile




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