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June 14, 2012



Mum, Do you have any suggestions

What I can get Dad for Father’s day?

‘Oh, I certainly can think of one or two things

But it’s better that nothing, I say.




 How about a course in etiquette

Or in table manners, at least

Then every meal that we sit down to

Wouldn’t be like eating with a beast!


Perhaps a secret ‘Make over’ day

Like the ones you see on the telly

Where they give men back their self esteem

And instantly reduce their belly


How about getting him some new socks

Or even a tie in the sale

Or a ‘brick’ to put through his computer screen

Now that really would get him to wail.


He’s always been interested in Sci-Fi

So get him a trip to the moon

I think it’ll be rather expensive

So make it ‘one way’ and make it soon


Oh, I really don’t know darling daughter

So it’s best that I leave it up to you

Because if I get involved, and get it all wrong

He’ll say ‘Typical, your mother hasn’t a clue’.






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