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June 22, 2014



In that split second

that you were gone,

with no more the strength

to carry on,


stood broken hearts

around your bed,

as tributes came flooding

and were read,


from well meaning friends,

both new and old;

each one with praise,

a story told.


And so with dignity,

you moved on,

to a better place

where bright sun shone.


A heart stopped beating

that had changed our world.

With arms together,

in grief we curled.


The moment raw,

the pain so strong.

To lose one so trusted

seemed so wrong.


A colossus tower,

a fine example too,

of how to live with dignity

and an open view.


So many traits

of goodness found.

Such praise indeed

from all around.


And now, what now

will the future bring?

As recovery slow

from heartache’s sting.


Each hour, each day

comes with a sigh.

And all that’s left

after your goodbye,


are lingering memories

of one of our own;

so unique, so loved,

always setting the tone.


So until we meet again

across the great divide,

in our hearts and minds

you will reside.


And all you encompassed

with a sense of worth,

we’ll try to carry on,

for you, here on earth.


And when we think of you,

and the times held dear,

on our faces, a smile,

will belie a tear.


And not half as scary

is death’s open door,

knowing we’ll be re-united.

with you, once more.






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