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November 21, 2018


From Room Number 1 rang out

Roxy Music’s ‘Dance Away’

for the umpteenth time

on that very first day.


And then from Ultravox

along with Midge Ure –

‘Sleepwalk’ and ‘Passing Strangers’

the neighbourhood had to endure.


The Box Room by the front door

was a Boomtown Rat zone,

and also heard was Blondie

‘Hanging on the telephone’.


And just as one’s sanity –

it was simply impossible to recall,

came, full blast along the corridor

Pink Floyd’s ‘Another brick in the wall’.


Meanwhile, across the landing,

as the windows shook, came Queen,

and also the dulcet tones

of U.S. soul singer, Al Green. 


And Ian Dury’s Rhythm Stick’

and Herbie Hancock’s ‘I Thought It Was You’,

had the whole place rocking,

as another gasket blew.


Then the Manager paid a visit,

humming Roger Whittaker’s ‘Durham Town’,

which definitely for a minute or two

calmed the household down.


And the bathroom always in use,

as an occupant soaked up Billy Paul,

whilst Eagle-loving ‘Desperado’s’

queued impatiently down the hall.


And Marvin Gaye – in all his brilliance,

didn’t stand a chance,

with Billy Joel’s ‘My Life’ on repeat –

causing a frenzied trance.


Then Carole Bayer Sager from the kitchen

announced, ‘You’re moving out today’,

as some demanded squatters rights,

with Odyssey paving the way.


Then suddenly came silence,

and normality was restored –

A whole new world beckoned,

and had to be explored.


as some contracts not renewed,

whilst other players were transferred,

and from rooms once filled with vinyl,

now only silence could be heard.


And as the keys turned in the locks,

after everyone said goodbyes,

quite fittingly on their car radios, 

Art Garfunkel sang ‘Bright Eyes’.


written by  Harriet Blackbury.

and can be read in Issue 63  (page 46) of

backpass – The Retro Football Magazine.

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