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March 10, 2018



Each answer snappy

with growling overtones,


that changed the timing

of the household beat,


and constant knotting

of pillowcase strings,


as angry voices rang out

down below.


And unsightly fingernails

chewed to the quick;


the dog seeking refuge

underneath the bed.


And the hell of knowing

worse was yet to come.


The physical sickness

stomach nerves brought forth.


The thumping loud

on table’s hardwood top.


as trembles forcing

a urine flow.


The stress of loyalty

seemingly misplaced;


to want to love,

but feelings not embraced,


for fear of harsh words

after all was done.


No need to have 

it all spelt out,


the pattern so familiar

had become,


the outcome obvious

set in cold cement. –


Grandma’s yearly visit

was now imminent !




And come, she did,

and settled in,


as peace and calm

replaced the din.


The dog so sweetly

by her leg,


wagged it’s tail

and sat to beg,


as the household slowly

did uncoil –


the kettle, the only thing

now on the boil.


She played Board games,

and made us laugh and squeal,


and taught us how

to do cart wheels.


She learned about

the things we do,


and listened to 

our point of view.


Then all too soon

her visit through,


and no-one dead –

we all said ‘phew’.


Now twelve months had we,

with older eyes,


before another

love-torn compromise.





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