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September 1, 2013



It was Uncle Arthur’s

final bit on the side

that caused his marriage

to wobble and slide.


It didn’t help at all

that Aunt Ramona,

for most of her life,

had always known her.


They rode bikes together

as school girl chums,

and giggled in class,

and cheated at sums.


Little did she dream

that seventy years on,

Arthur would meet Alice,

who’s memory had gone.


They were in the same Care Home

sitting side by side,

holding hands across their chairs,

with Arthur’s marriage on the slide.


For long suffering Aunt Ramona,

this was the last of many

of Arthur’s wild philandering –

He now even called her ‘Jenny’!


‘The silly fool’ she thought

as she sat all alone

on the front seat of the bus –

Arthur’s ways, she couldn’t condone.


In a freezing, mucky bus shelter

she’d waited twice a week,

to visit Arthur and her school chum

sitting cosily cheek to cheek!


But with her own health now fading,

there no longer seemed the need,

to visit Arthur any longer,

though inside her heart did bleed.





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