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April 3, 2020





In 93, ‘Do The Right Thing’, on M & G,

gave Ian Wright, a No.43.

And in 03, Ateed, reached No.56,

on Better The Devil, with ‘Come To Me’.


In 78, ‘Let’s All Chant’, peaked at No.8,

for The Michael Zager Band, on Private Stock.

And in 85, Maria Vidal, on EMI,

reached No.11, with Body Rock.


In 83, ‘Never Never’, on Mute,

gave Assembly, a Top 4.

And in 85, ‘Shaft’, made No.57,

for Van Twist, on Polydor.


In 92, ‘Escaping’, on Atomic,

was a Top 50, for Asia Blue.

And in 09, Yohanna, peaked at No.49,

on EMI, with ‘Is It True’.


In 75, ‘Swing Your Daddy’, on Chelsea,

gave Jim Gilstrap, a No.4.

And in 96, ‘Fixer’, reached No.71,

for Vent 414, on Polydor.


In 76, ‘Dawn’, on Pinnacle,

reached the Top 30, for Flintlock.

And in 2010, Young Money featuring Lloyd,

on Cash Money, made No.9, with ‘Bedrock’.


In 56, ‘That’s Right’, reached No.29,

for The Deep River Boys, on HMV.

And in 79, ‘Paradise Skies’, on Capitol,

gave Max Webster, a No.43.


In 79, ‘Love And Desire (Part 1)’,

made No.63, for Arpeggio, on Polydor.

And in 86, ‘Camouflage’, on IRS,

gave Stan Ridgway, a Top 4.


In 66, ‘Once’, peaked at No.43,

for Geneveve, on CBS.

And in 2000, ‘(Welcome) To The Dance’, on Code Blue,

for Des Mitchell, a Top 5 success.


In 63, Miss X, made No.37,

on Ember, with ‘Christine’.

And in 99, ‘Feeling It Too’, on Multiply,

gave The 3 Jays, a No.17.




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