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December 10, 2013



The beautiful game

now in disarray,

as fixers and twisters-

a different game they play.


And obvious tackles

we now know were staged,

for lucrative bets,

that it now seems were waged.


An unmissible goal

kicked high into the Stand!

A penalty awarded through

a sudden raised hand!


A rumpus erupting

from a push or a shove,

brought on out of nothing-

eyes look to heaven above.


In utter disbelief

like fools we watched on-

All lambs to the slaughter,

our own good money gone.


The build up, the set pieces,

all week our team planned,

in the end wouldn’t matter,

with Judas on hand.


We took it all in,

like idiots duped.

Then the long drive home,

like losers, we trooped.


Our hearts now broken,

by despicable greed.

Can we ever trust again,

those men, for whom we’d bleed?



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May 26, 2013



He’s got out alive, some

never thought he would.

He’s turned his back and

waved a final farewell.

His place in history

forever secured.

Will his successor succeed?

Who can tell!



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April 28, 2013



They’ve pulled the plug,

now they’re in the mire.

All assets gone, times

are really dire.

Only charcoal embers

remain from the fire.

Gone in a flash

like a funeral pyre.




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January 28, 2013



With his future in tatters,

he stared out of the window,

knowing he was homeward bound.

The feet that he thought would

make him his fortune,

would soon be walking

on realistic ground.



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October 24, 2012



That result will count at the end of the season

It’s the pivotal game to turn fortunes around,

and take us off the foot of the table, and bring

smiling faces back to the ground.



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September 23, 2012



He spent his life in the ‘sin bin’,

both on the field and off.

Often arriving home legless, through

copious amounts he liked to quaff.



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With sloppiness in evidence, they

looked like they hadn’t turned up.

Imagine losing to a non league side

in the first round of the cup!



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The first half started promisingly,

with new signings seeming to gel.

But then two penalties against them,

meant the game turned into hell.



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There was an element of laziness

that trickled through his game, or,

perhaps his confidence was shaken,

as after his injury, he was never the same.




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We need a strong team leader,

a fighter with a positive vibe,

who’ll turn around our fortunes,

and this family club revive.



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