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September 28, 2020





In 79, US group – Kool & The Gang

saw ‘Ladies Night’, on Mercury, fly to No.9.

And in 80, ‘Too Hot’, also on Mercury, made No.23,

with ‘Hangin’ Out’, on Mercury, at the No.52 line.


Ending 80, ‘Celebration’, now on De-lite,

reached the US No.1 and UK No.7 slot.

And with the first of fifteen more hits on De-lite,

in 81,’Jones v Jones’/’Summer Madness’, a No.17 trot.


Also in 81, ‘Take It To The Top’, rose to No.15,

and ‘Steppin Out’, found the No.12 line.

Ending 81,‘Get Down On It’, was in the Top 3. And in 82

‘Take My Heart (You can have it if you want it)’ a No.29.


Still in 82, ‘Big Fun’, climbed to No.14,

with ‘Ooh La La La (Let’s Go Dancin)’, at No.6 seen.

Ending 82, ‘Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho’, peaked at No.29,

and in 83, ‘Straight Ahead’, reached No.15.


In 84, ‘Joanna’/’Tonight”, was a Top 2, and

‘(When You Say You Love Somebody)In The Heart’, a No.7

And finally in 84, arrived ‘Fresh’,

which eventually peaked at No.11.


In 85, ‘Misled’, reached No.28,

and ‘Cherish’, climbed into the Top 4.

Ending 85, ‘Emergency’ peaked at No.50,

and in 86, ‘Victory’, now on Club, made a Top 30 score.


In 87, ‘Stone Love’, also on Club, reached No.45.

And in 88, ‘Celebration (Remix)’, on Club, made No.56.

In 91,’Get Down On It (Remix)’, on Mercury, a No.69.

And in 03,’Ladies Night’ ftrg Atomic Kitten, on Innocent, at No.8, ends this mix.



Ricky Westfield     1949 – 1985

Claydes Charles Smith     1948 – 2006

Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan)     1951 – 2020

Thank You for the music.


Written by Harriet Blackbury

(usual copyright rules apply)

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